Vacation Mode

Well, we're officially on vacation now. After a tough end of the week, a long trip to get here, and a rough first night with the kids, we've settled in and vacation is now in full swing.

Both Andrew and David had to work on Sunday, so we were not planning on leaving till after work, but David of course didn't get to leave when planned and we ended up leaving a lot later than we wanted. The drive up seemed liked it took forever even though we made it in normal time. Olivia actually did pretty good considering and slept for the majority of the way. She only had one 30 minute breakdown while we were trying to find an exit with somewhere to eat besides a gas station on it. After dinner, she pretty much conked out the rest of the way.

Unfortunately, when we got here just at 11:30pm, her and Josie were wide awake. We had some trouble getting them settled down that first night. I think Olivia finally stopped crying and fell asleep just before 1:30am, but they have both seemed to be pretty well adjusted by now.

I just want to say.....I Love the beach! I could live at the beach for the rest of my life and seriously be a happy girl. It's the one place that I always tell David that if work ever asks him if he wants to go somewhere near the coast, he doesn't even need to ask, just take it.

On Monday, Olivia made her first official trip to the beach. Whether she liked it or not, I'm not sure what to say. She didn't like the sand too much, but she loved the water. David only took her down there for about 40 minutes and then took her back up to the house. We've decided its too much to take a baby to the beach for a long time, especially a baby like OK who doesn't sit still. We brought along a blow up baby pool, so we've decided to keep it in the yard and let her play in that and not really take her to the beach much more. This morning, David took her to walk around the golf store (surprise there right?) while I headed out to the beach to relax for a bit.

Last night we went out to celebrate Andrew and Nicole's eight year anniversary with going to eat some "fine dinning." You can read all about that experience here on Nicole's blog. Needless to say, I'm sure we will not be going back there ever again. We ended the night with a round of putt putt at the indoor putt putt place. I can now say I've been spoiled and may never play putt putt without air condition again. I'm happy to report the girls beat the guys and I got TWO holes in one. What a way to spend your anniversary?

Today we've pretty much been lazy. It is super hot and you cannot stay at the beach too long without dying of heat stroke. We went to the beach and were back by lunch time. Everyone spent the afternoon napping or reading. Honestly, we've pretty much done nothing but be lazy the whole time. It seems this group was in major need of relaxation time.


Tami W said…
Thank you for the pictures. I love all of them. Sounds like you have been getting what you need the most. Time together and rest! I will talk to you in a few days. I miss our talking! Give my girl a kiss...Love you!

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