Some Mid-Week Randomness

1. We only have like 3 days left till we leave for the beach!!!! I cannot tell you how ready I am to go. These past few weeks have seemed to be crazy and I am in much need of a break. Someone asked me the other day what we had been up to and I said I honestly don't know, it's just been crazy busy, but I couldn't think of a thing we've done! Ever feel like that?

2. I want it to be known to the public, that I thought of something to get Dave for Father's Day, but of course his mind keeps revolving around golf. So I straight up asked him if he wanted me to get what I was planning or what? Of course, he said he rather save the money for a round of golf on vacation. So, let it go in the record books that I tired, but was turned down. Ten years from now, he cannot hold this against me.

3. Olivia Kate is into EVERYTHING!!!! She can pull herself up on pretty much everything, so now things that are unsafe are being moved up to higher and safer places. She (like every other kid) loves kitchen stuff to play with. I give her those glad containers and she loves to take the lids and push them around the floor. Maybe its a mommy thing, but I think its hilarious. I'm wondering if I can put some cleaner pads on the bottom so she can clean the floors while she's at it?

4. I need to get back on the weight loss program. This past few weeks I have sucked it up big time. I'm sure going on vacation for 18 days is not going to help the situation at all.

5. I'm loving Dierks Bentley's new song Up on the Ridge right now. And yes, I listen to country (someone seriously asked me that the other day). I have my entire life and I love it!

6. Dave and I are going on a day date tomorrow and he's taking me to see Shrek 4. Yeah, it's romantic isn't it. We're cool like that.

7. Speaking of country music, have you heard that new song "Praying for You"? It's hilarious and even if you don't like country, you should listen to it. Who hasn't had those thoughts before? Can you tell I'm watching CMT at the moment?

8. I'm attempting Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls today. My goal was to try it before we went to the beach. Way to wait till the last minute, right? That's how I roll.

9. Thanks for the prayers for Amy's family. Nothing has really changed and it's kinda at a wait and see at the moment. Please continue to keep them in your prayers. Either way, it's going to be a long road.

10. I only have 3 days till the beach ( & a ton to do)!!!!!!


Kameron said…
I am counting down to my vacation as well! Less than 3 weeks here! I should probably write a post instead of keep reading everyone else's! Have fun at the beach and good luck on the cinamon rolls!

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