Just in the last few days....

Several people in the family knew that we were participating in a rainbow vacuum demonstration Monday night for a favor to a friend. I may or may not have stated how much I was looking forward to it a time or two over the last few days. Well, I'm happy to say that it wasn't that bad and no, we are not the new owners of a rainbow vacuum cleaner.

Yes, we too were very impressed with the thing, but we were not $2500 impressed with it. No offense to anyone who owns one, but I think it's all just a bunch of bologna. I hate stuff like that where if you do this or this we'll give you this, but this and this is required kinda thing. I think its all a pyramid scheme for an very over priced vacuum. Sorry, I won't get on my soapbox about it because that right there is a whole post in itself. Anyways, point being, we did not buy one and will not be buying one unless I find one at a yard sale or something. I'm not going to hold my breathe. I'll just continue to breathe my unhealthy air.

Later that night (or very early the next morning), I was sleeping soundly dreaming dreams of my upcoming vacation when suddenly David flipped the light on, pushed me out of the bed, and yelled for me to move. Of course, when anyone does that at 2:30am, you have a tendency to say "what the?" Well, I jumped out of bed to find a HUGE spider on one of the pillows. Evidently the spider crawled across his arm and it woke him up considering it weighed about 5lbs. No lie, I have NEVER seen a spider this big in real life. It was HUGE and no, I'm not exaggerating because it was 2:30 in the morning. Of course, I screamed "OH, MY GOD!" and sorry, but it was big enough to use the Lords name in vain. David killed it and disposed of it, while I did what every mother does and ran to check to make sure there were no huge spiders eating my baby. Yes, that was my actual thought. I guess I was afraid that an army of those things had taken over our house. Thankfully, they had not and we haven't seen another since.

The verdict is still out on what it is. Of course, I googled it first thing the next morning when I got up. At first I tried to convince David that it was a brown recluse (which happens to be the most venomous spider in the state of Georgia) and we were all going to die, but this thing was seriously about four or five inched long and they are usually very tiny. David said if it was, he was more mad that he had killed it since it was the biggest recluse ever. We're now 100% sure it was not, but still, it was scary. Of course, my second thought was "Crap, I didn't get a picture!!!!" It was 2:30 in the morning, so sorry. This was the closest picture I could find of what it looked like, but I'm sure that's not the actual spider that was in our bed.

Yesterday morning, I took Olivia to her very first movie at the movie theater. I know those who know Olivia just let out a big gasp, but surprisingly, she did alright. One of the local theaters is showing free movies during the summer and Nicole somehow convinced me to come along and bring Olivia. I was scared to take her because the child isn't still even in her sleep. Yes, I'm not lying when I say she never stops moving. I can go check on her five times a night and she'll be in a completely different position or direction every single time. Even though she didn't watch it, she stay surprisingly still and was quiet pretty much the whole time. I'm proud to say she was not the loudest kid in the theater. Nor did she cry once. It was one of those outings that we got in the car and said "wow, she was actually good." I'm not sure if we'll go every week, but it at least gives me something to do during the day. I would not however take her to a movie that we would have to pay for anytime soon. This was free and filled with nothing but young kids, so I didn't feel bad when she was standing in my lap staring at the mom and son behind us.

That night, we meet up Jeremy and Aubry to have dinner. They had been out of town the week before, so we were missing them and needed to catch up. Olivia hadn't had a good nap all day and they couldn't get down to our side of town till after 6pm. I was hesitant about taking her to dinner, but I told David we would try it. We were going somewhere that's sit down, but doesn't take very long, so I thought we might have a chance. Amazingly, she was absolutely wonderful!!! I told her that we may be able to take her out to dinner in public again. She sat in the high chair the entire time and ate her food. It was so nice to go out to dinner in public and be able to have a conversation with the person in front of you. We haven't been able to do that in awhile and we have no shame, we LOVE eating out. I think it helps that she's eating pretty much nothing but table food now. I throw in a jar of baby food now and then, but she has more teeth than most one year olds, so I figured she's fine. Plus, she's little miss independent, so she refuses to let anyone feed her anymore. Yay! I cannot tell you how excited I am that we have finally reached this point. I was starting to think it would be another six years before we could eat out again.


Anonymous said…
I can not help but think of David actually pushing you off of that huge bed! I found a spider crawling on me last week, it had a red butt. Hope yours didn't lay babies, you might want to have the house sprayed anyways!

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