There is hope after all....

Since the day OK was born and came out looking like her daddy, everyone says "I hope she gets her mama's skin color."

Actually, I'm pretty sure everyone started saying that before she even came out looking like her daddy.

See, David is pretty pale. I've talked before about his skin cancer scare a couple of years ago. He unfortunately is one of those people who cannot step out to walk to his truck without getting sunburnt.

Of course, it will still be a couple of years before we know for sure, but I think OK lucked out in that department. I have been putting sun screen on her, but I'm sure not like I should. But with the little bit of time she's been outside, it looks like she's getting a little bit of a color, or at least, she's not burnt is what I'm trying to get at.

There might be hope for her after all.


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