On Saturday morning, Nicole and I headed out to take Josie down to the beach one last time before they had to head for home. Josie had been playing contently by herself for awhile when, after watching us for days, a little girl finally came up to introduce herself to Josie. She introduced herself, informed us she was three years old, and she then started asking for our names. Nicole introduced Josie since she was being shy and then introduced herself as Josie's mom. The little girl then looked at me and then back to Josie and asked...

"Is that your grandma?"

Nicole and I were laughing so hard we were falling out of our beach chairs. The girls poor mom, who happened to be standing there, was so embarrassed. She apologized about ten times even though she didn't need to. We got a great laugh out of it and it made our morning. I'm sure we'll be laughing about that one for awhile.

Don't you just love the things that come out of kids mouths?


Kameron said…
That is hilarious! You by no means look like a grandma! Ha!
Ashley said…
The same thing happened to me a few days ago! I was picking up my little cousin from summer camp (he's 10) and his little friend came up to him and asked him, "Is that your grandma?!" My cousin was like, "No! That's my cousin!"

I'm only 23! First, I was like, what the heck? Then it was hilarious.
The Popes said…
We miss Granny Amber!

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