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Monday morning Good Morning America did a segment on unschooling. The picture that was painted was pretty questionable and not a pretty one. This family has two teenage children who basically spend the day doing whatever they want. They say they are unschooling, but in my opinion, they are no where close to it. I'm not an expert, but from what I understand, the point of unschooling is promoting and teaching children by using things they are into at that time and not to necessary follow a particular curriculum. These parents in my opinion were not doing that, they seem to be just letting their children run wild. Unschooling is not allowing your children to sit around all day and watch MTV or playing violent video games.

I understand the whole concept with unschooling, personally, I'm not a big fan of it. I am however a fan of homeschooling. My mom home schooled my brother and I've known several families that have home schooled successful children. This video however did nothing but shed a negative light on homeschooling. We haven't said too much, because we're not 100% sure yet, but as of right now, we are planning on homeschooling our children. For us it is not a religious thing, it is a lifestyle. David works about one of the craziest schedules around and his schedule is about to get even more crazy. We would like to spend time as a family and right now it seems homeschooling will give us the best opportunity to do that. Plus, I've mentioned a few times that I have worked off and on for a local school system for several years. Needless to say, I haven't been too impressed but I have nothing against those that attend public school. We both attended public schools our entire educational career. I realize that homeschooling is not for every one. Who knows, it may not even be for us, but we're going to give it a try.

Whether you home school or not, either way children need some type of structure and direction. I felt so bad for these two teenagers. When the reporter was questioning them, they seemed so lost and to have no ambition. I feel like these parents are doing a great injustice to their children.

Did Good Morning America make things a little exaggerated to start a lot of talk? I really hope so. I hope there are not parents out there really allowing their children to not receive an education. It's not fair to the children. And thanks to Good Morning America for making homeschooling families look half crazy to those who know nothing about homeschooling. Thanks so much.


The Popes said…
That's such a bummer because Unschooling done right is hugely productive especially in young kids.

I hate the news. They do the same thing when they talk about Foster Care. Always painting the worst picture.

And Unschooling is DEFINATELY NOT sitting around doing nothing.

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