An Ollie Kate Update

We're doing 100% better in the Mabrey household. It seems that after that Monday night breakdown that we both had, we're feeling back to our old self's.

That night she slept for over twelve hours and woke up a different child. I was afraid I was going to jinx things, so I've kept my mouth shut, but she's been what I consider "sleeping through the night" ever since. She now goes down about 7:30 or 8ish and sleeps till 5:30am. The past few mornings, I've gone in there, feed her, and put her back down and she's slept till about 8:30. I've been good and haven't been going back to bed once she goes back down, so it's given me a few hours to get stuff done before she's up again. It's made for both a happy baby and a happy mommy. I'm hoping this is a schedule we can keep up for a little bit.

Both of her top teeth have finally broke through, but they are not totally visible yet. I told David this morning that it now irritates me when people in public say she only has two teeth (like someone did at breakfast this morning). I know it sounds stupid and I guess it's a proud momma thing, but I always want to correct them and say ", she has four." He just laughs at me. I've got issues, I know.

So, y'all will be happy to know that we are both still living and neither one of us has killed the other yet.

Oh, and guess what we're doing now....

Yes, my child is pulling up already!!! She's just shy of seven months and she is pulling herself up. I'm happy about this, but it honestly brought a tear to my eye. David caught her doing it first and called me to come watch her. It made me a little sad. In ways it seems she's been here forever, but she seems to be growing so fast. This is now her favorite game and we try to pull up for hours on end. I will be excited when she can officially accomplish it by herself, momma is tired of playing this game already.

We've had a quiet weekend so far and I must say, we've been enjoying it. We've spent most of our time doing stuff around the house. I've finally gotten my butt in gear and have started decorating rooms. I came to the conclusion that I went so long without doing anything because I was looking at the house as a whole. I'm now just going room by room. I decided to start in the sunroom/playroom because that is where we spend a good bit of our time. I'm about 75% done with it and my goal is to have it completely done by the end of May. After that, I'm moving on to the living room. I'll post pictures when I farther along with it.

We're off to have dinner with some friends. Wish us luck that Olivia makes it through it!


Kameron said…
It is always rough when they are teething! Nate only had his 2 bottom teeth when he was her age. He got them at 6 1/2 months. People just always have to have SOMETHING to comment on I guess. Congrats for the sleeping through the night. I am about to start miss thing on cereal as she always seems hungry, always. We're going on a little trip to California, just us girls, next weekend and I think we'll start when we get back!

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