"That Baby"

David's parents live next door to a pair of twin girls. They are about middle school age and even though we've now known them for years, we still cannot tell them apart. We always refer to them as "one of the twins." The sad part is I believe they are not even identical twins.


The other day I dropped Olivia off to spend some time with her Nana. Olivia loves going for walks in her stroller and that's one of her and her Nana's favorite activities to do together. They were out on one of their walks when one of the twins came running across the yard towards them screaming...

"Is that the baby that ripped her momma's stomach out?"

Um....yeah, something like that.

My poor baby girl has a reputation now.

If your new and missed that story, you can read it here.


Kameron said…
I just love that kids don't have the edit button in their brains! No, actually i don't like that at all. :o)

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