First Day~ September

I'm excited for September.  
We have a crazy month coming up, but I like to stay busy, so you won't find me complaining.  
This summer has seemed to drag on for us. We have often referred to it as the never ending summer.
Even though its still 90 degrees outside, seeing the first day of September finally show on the calendar just seems to scream the beginning of fall.

Here's how we spent our "unofficial" first day of Fall.

 Praise Jesus for the 24 hour PBS station!!!

Olivia leaving me to spend the day with Nana & Papa.

Fail~I am no doubt hair challenged  

David flew out early (as you saw above) for New Orleans yesterday morning and this was my first hearing from him since he had gotten there.  It ended up being a short trip and he's coming home today!!!

I'm sorry, but I was little shocked to come around the corner and see this.  Totally expected at a Wal-mart, not Target.  What made it so funny was because it was just a dad and his three kids.
Only a dad would put on shoes and not think of clothes.  Gotta love Dads!

We were at Cracker Barrel...Sorry about the creepy kid behind them.

How did you spend your First Day?

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Nicole said…
First, I hope you decide you hate that purse. It looks like the exact one I'm hunting for! I will gladly take it off your hands.

Second, I already miss your house. We need one more dinner before you move.

Third, I miss you in person.
Marlo said…
That kid in the cart is hilarious. I must admit that you 'may' have seen me at Target back in diaper days and snapped that same picture :)
Marlo said…
I must admit you 'may' have caught me at target during diaper days and snapped that same picture.. Just once.. Or twice. I didn't get it as a new mom but looking at that picture... Now I do lol
Sarah said…
Hahaha -so true! Only a dad! Did you enjoy your time alone, or are you like me and don't know what to do with yourself sans child?
I'm with you and can't wait for fall and cooler weather!
Chelsea said…
Love your chalkboard wall!!! And ps. A sock bun is not as easy to accomplish as it seems! Keep trying though! They are cute once you get it!! Enjoyed your first day post!
Anonymous said…
I do the sock bun for the curls from time to time, but I don't wear it as a "bun". Hard to do if you have layers!!
Kameron said…
I'd bring my kid into a store with no shoes before I'd ever bring them in in just a diaper! Interesting first day. lol
Teresa said…
I don't even know where I'd be without Pinterest, but I do know I'm definitely trying that sock bun!
We failed with the sock bun curls, too, but curls with a soft headband works! My girls use that technique a lot now; ask me if you want a link for how to do it. LOL at the kid in the buggy since I don't know you I assumed he was yours until I read the comments.
Anonymous said…
Ugghh!!! Saw the chips and salsa and I.MUST.HAVE.SOME.....MANY....
Happy Fall Ya'll :)
Amy K.

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