The Real Deal

As many of you might have read already, we went to a real parade this past weekend.

When I say a "real parade," I'm talking about one with balloons and floats. Not one with just a bunch of high school kids riding in the back of trucks and throwing candy at you.

My Aunt, Uncle, and cousins have been going for years to the Atlanta Christmas parade and after our trial run parade in October, I kinda invited ourselves to tag along. And then the Pope's invited themselves, but you all already read that.

I'll spare you from posting a picture of EVERY.SINGLE.PART of the parade that I had to take. Why I need a picture of every balloon and marching band that walked by, who knows?

I guess if the hosts of the parade ever need to reference what balloons or marching bands were in the 2010 parade, I've got them covered.

Look! Olivia refusing to sit for a picture. Something new and different!

Evidently, Olivia is more a fan of the little parades, because she did not pay any attention to this one. She ended up being passed back and forth between everyone in our group.

Josie and Nicole were probably the one one's in our group even watching the parade.


The hoodlums, I mean kids, across the street from us were a rough crowd. They had to have two police stand there with them throughout the entire parade.

At one point, they attacked the Medieval Times Knights and booed the Shrek guy who was wearing an Obama t-shirt. Obviously, their Republicans.

We did however score some clown noses.

Unfortunately, we forgot to wear them at church the next morning like Josie thought we should have.

About half way through the parade, our two littlest parade attenders decided they were over it.

Sleeping on Grandpa's shoulders seemed much more pleasing.

And yes, they both slept through all the marching bands and noisy crowd.

Next year, hopefully these two will be a little more into it.

Nic evidently felt the need to also take a picture of every part of the parade, so if you feel the need to see more of the actual parade, here's the post.


Tristan said…
hahaha..i do,ido!!i neeeed to see
you just need to post them all..hhahaha

i can't believe they slept through that!

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