What I Wore Wednesday

So....I'm back on the wagon for What I Wore Wednesdays!

I didn't get a picture for everyday, but I guess four out of seven isn't too bad.

I moved the mirror into the playroom since it has better lighting than my closet, but evidently, it shows the finger prints and dust. I'll try to clean it for next week. No promises.


Hanging out at home.
Keeping it real.
I hung out in my lounging clothes all day.

t-shirt: from my last job
tank top: rainbow
pants: old navy (LOVE THEM)
headband: wal-mart

Shopping with the MIL

shirt: wal-mart
white tank: rainbow (I own about ten of them)
jeans: kohl's
flats: target

Parade Day

green top: target
gray tank: old navy
white tank: rainbow
scarf: American Eagle
jeans: Kohl's
shoes: new balance that I've had forever

It was freezing at the parade, so I also had about two more layers on top of this, but I shed them before I took my picture.

This is a funny picture to me.
I know it's a little blurry, but it's the only one I've ever taken where you can see my face.

black pants: target
beaded necklace: local boutique store
sliver necklace: Nashville flea market

Sundays outfit is a little boring. I had a cute scarf on at church, but some reason took it off before I remembered to take my photo.

What did you wear this week???

Link up at The Pleated Poppy.


Kameron said…
I really want to do this darn thing, but don't know if I can remember to take the pic every day. lol Thanks for keeping it real with the pjs!

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