A trial run.

On Thursday we headed out to see the homecoming parade at my cousin Abby's high school.

Abby made the junior homecoming court this year and as much as I would have loved to gone to the game on Friday night to support her, I knew little bit wouldn't have done well in that kind of crowd, so instead we headed to the parade. It was more our type of crowd.

Except this lady. We're still trying to figure her out.

There was a little confusion on what time the parade actually started, so we spent some time waiting around.

And it was cold.

And we weren't prepared.

Except for Aubry.

She is an avid Weather Channel watcher.

Y'all knew the day was coming when I put Olivia on a leash. Have a child like Olivia and you too will be a supporter of leashes for children. She was doing a great job staying right there with us, so I took the leash off and she started running everywhere (including into the street), so the leash went right back on.

Still waiting.

Once it finally got started, Olivia didn't move for the next 15 minutes.

No parade in the state of Georgia is complete without a Chick-fil-a cow.

Unfortunately for the football players, this little girl stole their show.

This is Abby. Sadly, this was the clearest picture I got of her.

Due to the wind, the junior's float was ripped to pieces before the parade even began.

The seniors though had the best float. I thought it was pretty creative.

Olivia likes Chaz. You can't see her smile, but she was enjoying whatever they were doing.

It was a little parade that only lasted 15 minutes, but we got to show our support for Abby. I decided to use it as a trial run for parades. I think we're safe to take Olivia to more in the future. I really want to take her to the big Christmas parade downtown in December. I promise then we'll be better prepared and bring jackets.


Tristan said…
haha..omg..that leash. someone bought us one and i dropped it off at goodwill..lol..

she's so cute with that bow..eee!!

T-A loves crowds..she's a ham!

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