On my mind.

-Traveling with Olivia completely stresses me out and puts me on edge. Though in reality, Olivia always puts me on edge. I've been walking on the edge all week. Last time I swore I wouldn't travel with her again till she was five and I went back on my words. No, seriously, I'm not taking her anywhere till she's ten.

-We're still up here in Virginia and I'm still using others computers, so that is the reason for no pictures and just words this week. I'm going to feel completely stupid posting Christmas pictures almost two weeks after Christmas, but I really want y'all to see her kitchen set Santa brought her.

-So, I was really, really good with all the Christmas money I received and didn't do any after Christmas shopping (minus one pair of jeggings I bought on sale). I bought myself a purse/camera bag to carry my Nikon in on a daily basis, and I am so excited to get it next week!!! Thank you everyone for the Christmas money and everyone should be proud of me that I bought myself something and not Olivia!

-My aunt Jane is cooking breakfast and it smells delicious. Y'all should be jealous right now.

-Since I'm in my bff/soul mate Aubry's wedding in June, this momma needs to start getting her butt in gear and work off these last few baby pounds (I'm 7lbs. over my starting point, in case your wondering). I know it's pretty typical to start working out in January, but I guess it's good to have an event to works for.

-I'm so excited for 2011 and what it will bring for the Mabrey's and those around us.

-I think I need another cup of coffee this morning.


Tristan said…
Don't you dare not post them..haha..I can't wait!!

Hope you having a nice time...take deep breaths..lol..

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