Back from the Dead.

Hello?!?!?!? Anyone still out there????

After a crazy busy weekend last weekend, I unfortunately came down with a stomach virus this week and felt like I was literally going to die. At one point in time, David may or may not have found me in the fetal position in our bedroom asking for him to kill me. It was bad people. Bad.

After thinking back, I haven't been sick like that since my sophomore year of college. So that was like eight years ago. In eight years, you easily forget how being sick like that plain out sucks. For the record, morning sickness was nothing compared to that stomach virus. In fact, I'd take 20 weeks of morning sickness any day over that mess. With morning sickness, you get sick and then feel a 100 times better and then I usually wanted to eat afterward. With that crazy stuff the other day, I felt worse and worse every time I got sick. I couldn't keep anything down, even water. Then I spent most of the next day completely drained since I hadn't ate or drank anything in over 24 hours. It was a little 12 hour virus that took me two days to recover from. Unfortunately, it then it passed on to David and today to my mom, who's in town visiting from Nashville this weekend. We think Olivia had a touch of it the other day, but so far, she's been good and we've been keeping us sick folk away from her as best we can.

So, unfortunately, that pretty much sums up the Mabrey's week.

With all that, this is the only pic I have of my munchkin this week.

Monday she went to stay with her Nana while Nicole and I did some Christmas shopping. I successfully got her mullet hair into pigtails for the first time. Plus, she wanted to wear a Hello Kitty watch she got from McDonald's (cause y'all know I'm all about healthy eating), she looked so grown up with her pigtails and watch on. I had to shed a little tear.

I'm sure it's safe to say we're in full blown toddler stage now. It's crazy to think that this time last year, she was just rolling over for the first time. This past month has been the biggest change in her I think I've ever seen. She's now 98% off of bottles and drinking her milk cold now. She's sleeping 12 1/2 hours straight almost every night and on most days, only taking one long nap. The list could go on, but the biggest thing is she seems more happier everyday. Those that know Olivia will understand what I'm talking about. Though I don't want to wish the days away, I'm happy to see her move out of the baby stage. Being a baby never agreed with Olivia.

We have another busy weekend and then Christmas will be here!!! I still have so much to do, but I have come to terms it will always be like that for me since I'm a procrastinator and can admit to it. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


Elizabeth said…
Glad you're feeling so much better, but hate to hear it got passed around.
She looks cute as ever, but what's in her mouth?? lol
Kameron said…
I think everyone is getting sick or getting over being sick. I have felt like crap for a week and before that my son and now my daughter. Whew. I am hoping it doesn't hit the biggest baby of hubby! I will be back to regualr blogging eventually. i just have no time right now!

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