Clearing the air.

I wanted to clear the air after my post from the other day.

It was not my intention to make David out to be the bad guy. My intentions were to be a reminder of choosing our words wisely. Unfortunately, I guess that's not how it came across.

It may have been best to let myself calm down before I logged onto Blogger, but I didn't and my feelings from the day spilled out onto the screen.

I've said before, my marriage is wonderful and I still hold that statement to be true, but it's also like every other marriage and we fight. GASP!!!! Majority of the time, it's over little stuff that has just built up over time and that's what it was the other day. I strive for my blog to be a true representation of us and it's our story, so that includes the good and bad. Even though our life is wonderful, it's no where near perfect and I don't want that picture to come across. I can gaurentee that a few years from now, we'll look back at that post and laugh.

Even though David was the one who originally screwed up on Tuesday (he admits it was his fault, because it was), I'm the one at fault for not letting it go. Even though I truly knew in my heart that what he said was said completely out of anger and he did not really mean. Because when you sit down and think about the fact that I don't deserve a break because "it's the life I choose (that of a SAHM)," it really makes no sense.

Yep, that was a stupid statement wasn't it? I'm going to blame it on the fact we learned Wednesday morning that he has callouses that has formed under his eyelids due to bad contacts and that is why his eyes are always bothering him. Yeah, it was as gross as it sounds. He's on some special eye drops and driving around blind for the next few days. Beware if you drive the streets in between his Waffle stores.

After a quick explanation that I think he should start turning down his 21 days a years waffle house gives him for vacation since "it's the life he choose." he quickly came to see my side. We're all good now, laughing about it (hence all the jokes on fb about "the life we choose" all week), and I've already gotten one night off and another coming tonight.

The sooner these two people I work for learn that a happy momma makes a happy life for them, the better off we'll all be.


The Popes said…
Man that husband of yours is a jerk! I'm so glad my husband is always so sweet and only says nice things to me!

See you tonight for our break from the life we chose!
Tristan said…'s good to laugh about it later!!


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