A quick Chritmas recap


Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

We did for sure. Santa brought Olivia a kitchen set, as many already know, and it'safe to say it was a huge hit. I'm still debating if she was more surprised by the kitchen or the fact her Nana and Grandpa were there when she woke up. She was filled with "ooooh's" when she saw the kitchen. Pictures to come soon.

We spent the rest of the day with both my family and David's. David was able to join us for a quick two hours on Christmas day, but it was too quick. Though this was my fourth Christmas with David working, it was only my second with him workimg and us having a child. Surprisingly, it was still hard. Not as hard as last year, but I still missed him on Christmas day. It made it a little easier since my in laws came to spend the night with us to be there on Christmas morning. I'm pretty sure I asked them about twenty times to come stay with us every Christmas Eve night.

Atlanta also got it's first white Christmas in over 100 years. It was crazy to see how much snow parts of Georgia got. Though it did snow at our house, there was not very much of it and it was pretty much gone by the time we woke on Sunday morning. I guess it still counts as a white Christmas.

Olivia and I are leaving today to head up to Virginia to visit some of my family. In fact, we're in car at this moment and I'm blogging from my new toy Santa brought me (a kindle~and I LOVE it). My dad is driving in case anyone is concerned I'm blogging and driving. I promise I'm not that addicted to blogging. As usual, we had to leave David behind at the waffle. I left the laptop at home and this thing isn't the easiest thing to type on. So basically, I'm saying don't expect much from me this week probably.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and we'll most likely see you in the new year!


Tristan said…
can't wait to see pics!!!!

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