How quickly things change.

This week has been kicking my bootay! It feels like we have been going nonstop since the day before Thanksgiving. Oh wait, we have been. Last night after church, David looked at me and said "do you ever feel like your never home." This past week, yes. The scary part is it's only going to get worse.

So far, so good with the new pup. As you can see, Olivia is completely over her fear of dogs now. How quickly things change. Olivia has gone from being petrified of the dog, to torturing her. I'm pretty sure Bella eyes have said "take me back to the pound, please!!!" a few times. Currently, our biggest problem is keeping Olivia out of the water bowl and poking Bella in the eyes.

David's busy season has officially started and we will not see him again till January 2. You think I'm kidding, huh? His only night home this week was last night and we spent it at church. I have to say that I have much respect for my husband for that. Seriously, he only has one night off this week and instead of saying "I'm too tired or I wanna stay home," he went to church without saying a word. That sets such a wonderful example for our child/future children and I'm so appreciative of that. Thank you Honey!

Oh and speaking of the Waffle...Nic and I signed up to bring breakfast to the December MOPS meeting. Her sweet waffle hubby volunteered to cater for us and we jumped at the chance. Andrew had to leave in the middle for an waffle emergency (you'd be amazed at how many waffle emergency occur every day) and I had to take over the waffle maker. I ROCKED IT!!! The first few were a little funky looking, but by my 20th waffle, I had it down. I made my hubby proud! He said he might even let me come and drop waffles on Christmas day! Whoa! Everyone knows my hubby refuses to let me behind the counter at the waffle (yep, many wives go and work on Christmas day...just not me). At least I know that if something were to ever happen, I've got a job at Andrew's waffle on third shift!

This picture is just to show you the cute collar I got for Bella at Wal-mart of all places.

I quickly fell off the wagon with What I Wore Wednesdays. I'm going to do better this week. Promise.

Besides for Olivia, I haven't done ANY Christmas shopping yet.

My bathrooms need some serious cleaning. My apologies to my family for that. Cleaning bathrooms is my least favorite chore. I blame it on years of cleaning bathrooms when I worked in daycare.

I have approximately 7 unfinished craft projects on my craft table at the moment.

Olivia just came over and spit out some of her breakfast in my hand.

I fed her breakfast an hour ago. Gross.

I set a goal for myself that I wanted to post everyday during the month of December. Since I ran out of time to post yesterday, does it still count if I post twice today? I think it does.

Be back later with a craft post.


Tristan said…
we have like two waffle houses around here and they are never clean them and they smell like a nasty bar!!!!

Hope yours are better..haha!

OMG..those two are just too cute together!
Kameron said…
Waffles are so tempermental. It takes a bit to get good at making them! I have so many projects that i need to start or finish right now, but no time. It is drivingme nuts! I'm glad OK came around to the dog. That would have been difficult if she was still scared of them!

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