What I Wore Wednesday

Nic has been participating in The Pleated Poppy's What I Wore Wednesday for about a month now and ever week, she tells me to join in the fun.

What I wore Wednesdays is actually on of my favorite weekly reads. I love looking at what everyone else is wearing since I don't consider myself very fashionable. But, I honestly thought everyone would think I was crazy for taking pictures of myself everyday. I told her I would participate as soon as I got a full length mirror because I like when I can see the whole outfit.

So, here goes my first installment of taking pictures of myself....

I didn't get my mirror till Friday, so I'm starting a day or two later.


~Running Errands and hanging at the house~

Dress (that is really short and I wear as a shirt)- Rue 21
Jeans- Kohl's


~Crafty day at the House with Nicole~

T-shirt- Target
Grey Tank-Old Navy
(This is my most favorite tank top. It's falling to pieces, but it fits perfect. Unfortunately, Old Navy had never made tanks like it since I bought it five or six years ago.)
Slippers- Target



Top-Old Navy
Jeans-Old Navy
Boots- Belks
(They are a Christmas present from the in-laws. I snuck in wearing them a time...or two...)

I forgot to take a picture. It was rainy and cold here. David and I had to go to his grandparents to pick up some box springs and I just wore jeans and a sweatshirt. Nothing fancy.


~Day Date & Family Pictures~

I wore a different shirt for our day date and didn't get a picture. But here's what I wore for family pictures and dinner that night. Plus, you get a sneak peak at our family pictures.



love your blog design! and i have the same old navy floral top (only i got it for 3.97 on super clearance in an XXXL and wear it as a swimsuit tunic! how funny!)
Kameron said…
I need to get a full length mirror! I stand on my son's Diego stool to see my outfit in the bathroom mirror! I will join in as sson as I get one!
Lisa said…
cute outfits amber! i think i better get a mirror too! for now my kids take my photos.
Brooke G. said…
These are great! Very stylish :D
Molly said…
Love this idea! Those boots are wayyyy cute and I love your family pic!
Anonymous said…
Cute outfits and baby!
Tristan said…
Your so cute!!
Dania said…
Love, Love, Love the floral dress and purple top for your family pics. So cute and well put together.
Paige said…
Oh my word...you are precious! I LOVE your family picture!!!

Paige said…
Adorable! I love your outfits! I would have to sneak and wear those boots as well, they're to cute! You look fab in purple by the way!
Jennifer said…
You have such great style!

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