A decade...plus one!

While during church this morning, the Bishop started talking about his marriage and it dawned on me...

Even years ago today, David asked me to be his girlfriend/to go steady/to go out...whatever it is you do in high school.

Basically, what I'm saying is that eleven years ago today was when David and I started this little thing we've got going on here.

I wonder if he had any clue then that he would still be stuck with me eleven years later?

Probably not, because if so, I'm sure he would have immediately ran in the other direction.

But, he didn't...so he's still mine.

Happy Dating Anniversary Lover!!!

(that's our pet name for each other....it's from a SNL skit)


Tristan said…

we always celebrate our "got together" date..haha..our is nov.30th!

that is such a cute pic of you two!!
The Popes said…
Andrew and I started dating on June 28th of 2000. Of course, our story is a little more rocky then yalls!


Now post some of those old school pics from prom!

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