me: (text) call me. I need to tell you something.

(ring, ring)

me: hey.

david: hey. what's up?

me: Um....I don't know whether your going to be mad at me or laugh at me.

david: what?

me: I needed to get that small desk out of the attic...blah, blah, blah..........your not going to be home the next few days and it's not heavy, so I decided I would just do it myself....blah, blah,, I went to step back and my foot missed that board and I kinda fell through the ceiling.

david: so your telling me there is a foot sized hole in the ceiling?

me:'s a little bigger than that....

Just carrying on a family tradition.


Elizabeth said…
omg.... Hope it's not too expensive to fix!
Tristan said…
ahhh!! omg!!!! so glad you didn't fall all the way!
Anonymous said…
More like an ambers butt size hole
Paige said…
OH NOO!!!! Love your heart! Hope it doesn't cost to much! I'm sure your Hubs was not mad at all.
Laura said…
Okay so this had me cracking up! Hope you can get it fixed soon!!! Did Olivia laugh???
Kameron said…
I hope you were ok. That must have been scary to fall through like that!! It sounds like something I would totally do!

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