There's no doubt.

I may not hear very often, how she "looks just like me."

There is no doubt though that she is her mother's child.

Yes, that's tartar sauce.

Yes, I'm letting her eat it straight from the little container.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

For some odd reason, it was the only thing she would eat yesterday afternoon and she was originally dipping her mac n' cheese in it.

Gross, I know.

No, I don't normally eat tartar sauce straight out of the container, but I do like mayo and stuff that contains mayo.

David, however, is not a mayo fan.

But as long as you don't tell him there's mayo in it, he'll eat it. He does that with lots of foods and I find it funny.

David has had a craving for Captain D's for the last two months, so I gave in and we ate there after church on Sunday.

Captain D's make me want to vomit from all the grease, but David loves it. I only allow him to eat there twice a year because I'm a awesome wife like that.

The man works at a flipping waffle house...what kind of wife would I be if I let him eat at Captain D's on his off days??? Hello, heart attack at 30!

Since I want to keep him around, I limit his Captain D's intake.

Now if I could get him to stop eating the bacon at the Waffle.....


Kameron said…
I love tartar sauce. I don't know about eating it straight, but fries or anything fried goes great in it!
Tristan said…
hahaha..this post cracks me up!
it's been a long time since i've had tartar sauce!! yum!!!!

I always think she looks like you..haha

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