Love Bug

I'll feel like I'm always getting on here lately to give excuses for why I'm not blogging. Well, I'm adding another one, but hopefully it's been fixed. Partly one of the reasons I've been off the blogging band wagon is that for the last month or so, there's been something funny with the laptop. It was S.....L....O....W.... and it felt like it would take forever to upload pics and blog. Well, the laptop isn't fixed, but after some re-arranging of the Internet box, I can now blog from the desktop again. I won't bore you with all the fun details, but I'm basically trying to say that hopefully I'll get back to blogging and posting pictures.

No promises.


I finally got around to taking pictures of OK in her Halloween costume yesterday.

I know what your thinking...Mother of the Year right here!!!

***Which speaking of....I was completely ashamed when Ok and I were Skyping with my mom last night and she asked OK what she ate for dinner....mac n'cheese, applesauce, and bbq chips. Yes, I answered honestly. Like I said...Mother of the Year!!!***

Actually, I realized I was running out of time before her costume no longer fit. OK is evidently going through a growth spurt. Obviously, since I'm with her 24/7/365, I don't notice as quickly when she growing, but on Wednesday, both Nicole and Andrew said something about her looking like she had changed. They both said "she looks more like a toddler." On Thursday, I realized it when I put on her 18 months pants and they fit her. : (

In the length of course, her waist is still tiny.

So, I figured I might need to jump on the Halloween costume photos (besides the fact Halloween was two weeks ago) because her costume was probably not going to fit soon. Sure enough, it was already looking way smaller than it did when I tried it on her the first of October.

I tried to make it a cute little photo shoot by sticking her next to one of my pumpkins, but she decided she wanted nothing to do with it.

and quickly ran away.

a close up of the back...

I bought her Love Bug costume at TJ Max last year before she was even born. I almost bought a newborn size one and at the last minute decided it would be cuter for her second Halloween. However, I didn't go ahead and buy one this year for next year. I figured it was too risky since she'll be talking by then. I'm 100% sure she will have a say in what she wants to wear and I'm 100% sure it would not be what I had already spent my money on.


Tristan said…
I LOVE her in this costume...she is beautiful!!!!
Kameron said…
Tooc cute! I think it is also hilarious that she is just now fitting into 18 month clothes. I just had to buy 18-24 months ones for Arielle. She is a beast!

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