Getting Ready

We're starting to get ready for Christmas. I've only gotten as far as putting up Olivia's tree, but I'm debating on putting the big tree up over the weekend. Last weekend they started playing Christmas music on one of the small, local radio stations and we've been listening to it ever since. I tell David that as soon as they play it on the radio, we're allowed to listen to it 24/7. Believe me, he's thrilled....NOT!

I don't want to jinx myself, but so far, Olivia has left her tree alone. I'm still taking cautious measures and only putting plastic, non-breakable ornaments on the bottom half of the big tree.

OK and I have been having a rough week with each other. OK is starting to push me to the edge with her behavior. I've sadly realized that I have to be very forceful with her right now for her to listen to me and it's been really hard for me. Which is funny, since pre-kid, everyone thought I would be the stern one and David would be the softy. I guess being with her 24/7/365 has lead to me letting her getting away with a lot in regards of her behavior and it's coming back to bite me in the butt.

She is a good kid and she's great for other people, but she knows she can show out with me and in the past, get away with it. Believe me, she's only 14 months old, but she knows what she is doing. She very deliberate with her actions. There has been lots of tears and time outs over the last few days, but I can already tell she's starting to get it. I'm praying we can nip this in the bud before it gets too bad.

I love these pictures of OK. I'm sure by professional standards, there is plenty wrong with them, but I still love them. I've looked at them about a billion times since taking them the other day.

I've finally started to take the time to learn a little about my camera. Nicole found a great tutorial and I've been reading a few others online. My goal for next year is to get it out of Auto mode for good. I've played around with a few settings, but those pictures haven't really turned out. The first lesson to learn in photography is, it's all about the settings. Aperture and all that stuff is just scary. If your interested in the tutorial Nicole found, you can find it here. This one is the most dumbed down version we've found.

That's all I got for today.

Have a great day.


Tristan said…
aw..she's so big!
Hope she doesn't push mommy too hard :)

I really want to put T-A a tree
Kameron said…
I have so many blown glass ornaments. i am almost afraid to put them up with 2 curious kids in the house! I can't even think about Christmas until we get through this week. I will have 23 people at my house for Thanksgiving so I can only deal with that right now!

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