Six weeks free.

Back in January, I made a "to do" list for the New Year.

I don't call them resolutions or put pressure on myself to have them all completed, but I like having some new direction for the new year. January can be kinda dull and boring to me, so this gives me something to get thru it.

Number three on the list was to drop the coke habit.  When I say coke, I mean coke cola...aka soda or pop.  Obviously, I don't have a drug problem.

Being that I was born and raised in the city that is home of Coke, it's been around my entire life.  Coke has pretty much always been in the fridge or  at family gatherings while growing up.  Personally though, my drink of choice would always be sweet tea but I usually don't turn down coke if offered. 

After I had Olivia, I cut back on the tea and instead replaced it with diet coke.  I thought I was saving calories that way, but I know better now and know that diet coke can even be worse for you.  However, I got addicted.  I would easily have 1-2 cokes a day at minimum.  Not extreme, but I knew they weren't good for me.

My dad has been on my case for years now about the cokes.  There are only two people who I listen to when it comes to food, him and a couple friend of ours who own an organic foods store.  They are honestly the only people in my life who practice what they preach on a daily basis.  It seems these days I see so many people constantly posting about the "organic way of life," but then I run into them at a restaurant with a coke in their hand, and you lose credibility with me.  If your going to constantly post and preach about it...then live it.

These guys are the ones who I see are continuously practicing what they preach, so when my dad starts to get onto me about the cokes....I feel guilty.

Well, I wrote that list at the beginning of January and to be honest, I only lasted 13 days before I had broke down and had a coke.  It only took one and I was hooked again.  That one goal remained in my head because I had in just a matter of weeks failed at it.

Six weeks ago, was when I started having issues with my fluid.  When they asked how my water intake had been, I sheepishly answered that it had been pretty sad over the weekend.  I had way too many cokes and tea.  They both greatly outnumbered my water intake.

I'm proud to say that I haven't had a coke since that weekend.  I'm now six weeks coke free.

Coming from a chronic coke drinker, this is a big deal for me to quit cold turkey.

The last six weeks I have greatly upped my water intake and let me tell you guys...when you drink the water you are supposed to, there is such a difference.

I'm currently drinking around 96 ounces a day.  Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less.  I have learned that the more I drink during the day, the more I crave it.  However, there have been a few nights I've go to bed and feel like I'm drowning in water, so there could be a such a thing as a little too much.

Along with the cutting out the coke, I've cut the caffeine almost completely out.  I order decaf coffee now and only get it when I have tea once or twice a week.  However, I'm not quite sure this has been such a great idea....I can be kinda witchy to be honest.  In my defense, I have a three year old that does not sleep thru the night 3/4 nights a week, so caffeine is what has been getting me thru the past three and a half years.

I'm still allowing myself a glass or two of tea when we go out to chick-fil-a.  I'm a Southern girl and could never completely give up the sweet tea.  However, I no longer make it at home because I'm the only one who drinks it and I usually end up drinking the whole gallon by myself.

But overall, I'm feeling so much better sticking with the water.  Pretty much all the benefits that you constantly hear about water are all happening for me.  Clearer skin, not hungry all the time, etc.  I can see the benefits happening.  I'm pretty sure its also what has helped keep the weight down this go round pregnancy wise.  I won't go on about why you need to, it's one of those things that we all know we need to do but also a lot easier said than done I think.


I'll be honest that its a little hard the first week or two, but like anything else, it gets easier and now it's starting to become natural.

And yes, I stick with straight up water.   I don't use any of those water enhancers because come to find out, majority of them have aspartame in them, which kinda defeats the purpose.

My only piece of advice is to find a cup that you know you'll drink out of.  Seriously, this is a big deal.  Find one the biggest size you can that you know you'll carry around outside the house.  I have a rotation of three cups that I know I'll drink out of, that range from 20oz. to 32oz.  For me personally, I like a bigger cup because it's a lot easier to think I only need three or four of these instead of eight glasses. Also, when you get up in the morning, drink the first one as fast as you can.  The faster I get the first cup out of the way, the rest seem to go by easier.  Don't wait till two pm to down your first cup. 

So find a cup you like drinking out of and start chugging. I promise its worth it.  If a former coke addict like me can give it up, anyone can.


Anonymous said…
Love this post :) I am a recovering sweet tea with lemon- aholic. I have been a water with lemon only drinker now for about a month and drink about the same amount as you. (I crave it as well) My family went tea-free also....because I don't make tea anymore so they had to :) I do have one cup of coffee in the morning, but even when we eat out I usually order water! I'm so proud of myself! And...because I love that you said you were addicted to "coke"----I thought I'd share that my SIL's maiden name is Cocain---no joke! She married my BIL and is now a "Cocain King"! LOL
Amy K.
Ashley said…
Great post! My last soda was December 31, 2011. After the first three months, I stopped craving them. I only drink water now, ok sometimes I have milk. But I get it. It was so hard to quit! Now I can't imagine drinking a soda. Secretly I'm afraid if I drink one then I'll be 'hooked' again. But yeah. Yay you!!
Cunz Family said…
I am horrible at drinking water. So much so, that I don't even know the last time I had a glass. And all I've had today for liquid was my milk in my cereal bowl and half a cherry coke. Now you make me want to go drink a glass of water.

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