A quick trip.

We ran away to the beach for the weekend.

 (not sure why this one keeps showing blurry and I can't get it fixed, sorry. I've only got three pics from the whole weekend, so missing one is a big hole)

We had a three day weekend from work that we needed to use before Amelia came and you know us, we decided that the beach it would be. 

We brought the parents with us since they are our favorite vacation partners.

We camped on Jekyll Island which has one of our favorite camp grounds.  The camp ground has a bunch of old trees with moss hanging down, shady, has great bike riding, and on an island.  It's a winner in our book as far as campgrounds go. 

Jekyll is also the same island in which we got married at almost seven years ago.  This was our first time going down there since Olivia was born, so it was fun to take Olivia to see where we got married at.  We'll make sure to take another trip again to show Amelia in a few years.

We spent the weekend eating good seafood, a little bit of shopping, and just relaxing at the campsite.  Everyone else did a lot of bike riding while I pretty much took it easy and read all weekend.  Riding a street bike is not on my doctors list of acceptable pregnant lady activities, especially this late in the game.  I got an entire book read while there, so that counts as an accomplishment for me.

I tried to stay off my phone and social media so I only took three pictures the entire weekend.  Blogger fail.

However, it was nice to be disconnected for a short time and something I really need to start doing more. 

It was a quick trip, but a much needed one.

Now back to reality.


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