My 2013 "To Do" List

Know how I've been whining for a new laptop for sometime now?

Well, a new laptop is not in the cards anytime soon, so after months of debating (seriously, months), I decided to take some Christmas money and order a keyboard for my ipad. It's kinda like I have a imac now!!! Just kidding....far from it. Well, the keyboard came in and so far, it's been working for me. It is taking me some time to get used to and figuring out how to make it work for blogging. So, bare with please if things come across looking kinda funny....especially with pictures. I'm working on making it work.

Oh, and hoping this helps me be a better blogger friend again and actually leave comments on my favorite blogs...I always read blogs on my phone and commenting is nearly impossible from a phone.


I'm a sucker for resolutions. Though, I don't like to call them resolutions. I think I've written it before, but I feel like the moment you slap on the title "Resolution" it is an automatic FAIL slapped across it.

So, I prefer to call them goals.

I'm proud of myself to be able to say that I was pretty successful with my goal from 2012.

With the new year approaching, I started to thinking a few weeks ago about what I want to accomplish this upcoming year.

Being that I'm pregnant, its kinda hard to make the typical "get in shape" work. In fact, that's the only part of being pregnant during the middle of Summer that I'm excited about....we all know from past experience I'll be the size of a house all Summer and I have no need to worry about having abs this Summer. Not that I've had abs in over four summers.

I decided to just make a "to do" list this year.

Some things are kinda of the "be a better person" account, others are just things I want to get done.

*2013 To Do list:*
1. Purge and organize the entire house.
2. Keep up with exercising while pregnant.
3. No more coke.
4. Blog more.
5. Take more date nights.
6. Take more "me time."
7. Strip the wallpaper and repaint master bath.
8. Replace the mauve laminate flooring.
9. Add a couple of shelves to the school closet.
10. Organize recipe binder.
11. Buy more rubbermaid containers for the Christmas stuff.
12. Take more pictures on the real camera.
13. Have a healthy baby.
14. Run the Turkey Trot in November with my Running Partner.
15. Laugh more and cry less.
16. Enjoy a big margarita (or two) on my 31st birthday.
17. Get back to having family fun days.
18. Save more and spend less.
19. Eat out less and cook at home more.
20. Spend more time outside.
21. Update my blog profile picture.
22. Save up for a new hot iron.
23. Listen more and talk less.
24. Start training for my second half marathon in the Fall.

I'm not putting much into having anything done after July. In fact, I'm planning on life just being pure chaos from August till Summer 2014. Please don't tell me it will be nothing but. I'm setting my expectations of crazy pretty high so I don't put too much pressure on myself.

So, do you have resolutions or goals this year?


Liz Botts said…
I always make goals/resolutions. For 2013 I have 100, though I could have more. The reason I have so many is that most are small or a one time thing. It gives me a sense of accomplishment that leads to greater motivation. :) Good luck with your goals!
That is quite the list!! Happy new year!

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