Have you ever had one of those weeks that was "if I can just get thru this week.." kind of weeks?

This week would be one of those for me.

I've got about 36 hours to go on this one and I'm praying we survive.

I've known for some time now that this week was heading my way and I've been trying to prep for it, but it has seemed to do no good and this week has turned into a bust.

David left in the wee hours of Tuesday morning to head out of town for a few days for work, while Olivia and I were left behind.  He's started to travel a lot since his last promotion and will be traveling on a more regular basis in the future.  These trips seem to go either way for Olivia and I.  Either we have the best week ever or the week from hell.  The last two trips were best week ever ones for us, so you can just assume where I'm going with this. 

Things started out well enough and we actually had a pretty good day on Tuesday.  The weather was perfect and we spent all day outside on her new "playground"  that was bought and put together over the weekend.  Wednesday was the highlight of our week when my friend Alison and her two kids came over to play.  Our kids play together great and we have plenty of time to catch up on stories that are too long to text to each other (that's our main mode of communication).  Ironically, we barely talked about running.

Even though we had two good days in a row, it was all building up.  Olivia had an attitude that was lurking in the background and I could just feel all week it was all about to blow.  I held my ground for the first couple of days, but by Thursday, I was over it.  I've come to realize that holidays do her in and it takes her a few days to get it out of her system, except for Christmas, it takes about two weeks.

Oh, and I should probably add that I've come down with a cold and been slowly getting sicker all week.  It was in full force by Thursday.  Haven't been sick once all fall and winter and of course, I'd get sick on this particular week.
At one point on Thursday afternoon, her and I were both in tears.  She was crying that she "just wants her daddy" and I was crying "me too."   It's amazing what his presence for a few hours after work each night make in our days. 

Let's just say I was not the mom I want to be yesterday.

To make matters worse, when David walked into the dance studio waiting room yesterday evening, I burst into tears right there in front of all the other parents all while telling him how rough our day had been.  Thankfully, I'm noticeably pregnant these days because I'm sure they just felt sorry for me instead of thinking I was just crazy.

I did find some comfort in the fact that my child acted like a total fool for her daddy right before bedtime last night.  He asked her to do something and she chunked a sippy cup full of water across the room and then proceeded to throw a fit like no other. I almost laughed at that point because it just went to show, it obviously wasn't just me.  I even text a friend saying it was the highlight of my day.  Sad, isn't it?

Some weeks, you just can't win.

However, it's Friday and the weather this weekend is supposed to be gorgeous.  I'm taking that as a sign of good things to come...let's hope its new attitudes.

Happy Friday! : )


Tristan said…
she's a passionate princess :)

good news is it's almost a new week!
Cunz Family said…
Have you tried doing a paper chain with Olivia when he leaves? Tommy has been through 2 (6 month long) deployments and the paperchains and "special days" seem to make it a little better with Ryan gone. We make the chain together and every few weeks I make a random day a "special day" and dont tell him what that day will be, and to get to participate in the day, he has to be good. I'll take him for ice cream, or get him a small toy, or take him to the park, small things like that, but he gets really excited for them. Luckily for me, Annella was born during the 1st deployment and she was to little to notice he wasnt there during the second, but he's leaving again in November, so now I have to worry about 2 kids missing their daddy. Also, if you can Facetime or Skype, that helps. Our families live in MN, and Tommy will Facetime Ryans parents all the time, he plays games with them and loves it, sure helps him feel connected with him. We plan to do alot more Facetimeing with Tommy and Ryan during this next deployment.

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