First Day: April 2013

Yesterday was a good day.

The weather was perfect Spring weather, we spent the day as a family, and got to sneak in a impromptu dinner date.  We even sat in a two person booth and laughed about we couldn't remember the last time we had sat at a table just for two.  Oh, how things change when you have kids....for the better, of course!

I think on the way home from our date, David told me at least three times how it was "just a good day" and I would totally have to agree.

1. We got to sleep in. 
2. We had the whole playground to ourselves.
3. Chick-fil-a is always a good way to start the day.  
4. A little bit of blogging.

1. Cuddling on the couch watching a movie. 
 2.  Leftovers for lunch.
3.  A new puzzle. 
 4.  Pretending we're in a car on our way to the beach. 

1. Having a picnic. 
2. Pregnant lady walking.
3. Perfect skies.  
4. Decorating the playhouse.

1. Spring in Georgia.  
 2. Pulling the pregnancy card. 
3. A quick drive. 
4. A date is not complete without a trip to the bookstore. 

(We only let her "drive" one house down to her grandparents.  We're in a closed neighborhood and a cul-de-sac.  Obviously, she is buckled up in her carseat at all other times.  This is a huge simple joy for her that is a occasional treat and it's her and her daddy's "thing." No hate comments please.)

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Happy first day of april! Loved the peek into your lives :)
April said…
gotta love that pregnancy card! :-)

I really need to harrass Chick-Fil-a until they come to the Pacific NW. Sounds soooo good right about now!
Tristan said…
what a good day! parents used to let me drive on actual roads on their laps!!!! i was only like 5..what if someone would of hit i think about that all the time.

up the biggie..ahaha..looks like she is having the greatest time!!
Kameron said…
We used to do that when we were kids and we're still here. :) Looks like a better day than the one i spent working from home with a pukey kid. Bleh!
The Nyquists said…
We live in rural MN and let my kids "drive" with Daddy to my aunt and uncles house next door. They love it and is a very special treat too. She will remember these little things when she is older:) looks like a great first day!!

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