In the mood.

I've been in a total reading mood these past few weeks.  I find that every chance I get I've got a book in my hand and I've only watched about two hours of tv in the past three weeks (go me!).   I only get in these moods a couple of times of year, so I try to soak them up when they hit.  I wish I was one of those people who stayed in this mood all the time, but I doubt I ever will be.  As much as I love to read, some days I just don't feel like picking up a book.

I think a lot of my reading mood is due to the fact that I feel like I'm on a time line reading wise this year.  I know I won't have as much time when the baby comes, so I'm cramming in as much as I can by July.  I looked back in my reading journal the other day and saw I picked my reading back up only four months after Olivia was born, so that was a little encouraging.

Here's what I've got my nose in these days....

Team of Rivals- I've been reading this one since the last week of December and I still have a long way to go.  I only pick it up a couple of times a week and read about twenty five pages at a time.  Yes, it's pretty much like reading a history book, but Abraham Lincoln is someone who I'm always interested in.  I think because we usually put him on such a pedestal, but at the same time, there are so many questions surrounding who he really was.  If I could ever invite one person to dinner dead or alive, he would be my first pick.  I have always thought he was a person with an interesting life.  At the rate I'm going though, I probably won't have this one done till Amelia is three.  Oh well, it's a challenge.
In the Garden of Beast- We always joke in our bookclub that we love some WWII novels....okay, maybe it really isn't that much of a joke.  We've read more books that surround the WWII time period than probably any others.  I was a fan of  the author's Devil in the White City, so I picked this one up a few months ago.  I'm about half way thru and so far enjoying it.  The story is based on the perspective of Americans living in Germany during Hitler's rein and its been interesting reading about WWII again but thru a different perspective. 

Anna Karenina- I've suddenly become obsessed with reading the classics. For some reason, I feel like I must read them.  I've just started this one in the last week and only a few chapters in.  The chapters are short and quick to read, so I feel like I get a lot of reading in a short period of time.  Though I haven't gotten used to the names yet and sometimes have to go back to figure out who's who at times.

Oregon Country (on the Kindle)- I found this one in the cheap section of kindle books. David and I got into a random conversation a few weeks ago about how hard it must have been to pack up your life and move out west knowing you'd most likely never see your family ever again.  I happened to stumble across this one only a few days after that conversation, so I was intrigued.  It's the story of a 26 year old woman Abby, who after tragedy strikes in her life, packs up and travels west to Organ in 1843.  The author has done a lot of research it seems on what life was like on the trail and is very detailed on the everyday issues they struggled with.  I'm about halfway thru and though getting a tad bit bored with the everyday trail life, I'm eager to finish to find out what happens to Abby the main character.

Yes, I've become a multiple book reader these days.  I usually always have at least two books at the same time going.  This is something new to me in the past year or so.  I used to always be a one book at a time reader because I used to feel like I could only keep up with one storyline at a time, but these days multiples don't bother me.  Maybe it's motherhood?

 A couple of good ones lately....

The Dovekeepers-  I read this one March and loved it.  It was something new to me because I've never read a fictional story set in Ancient times before.  The way the story weaved the lives of the characters together was memorizing to me.  It truly took me the whole book to get what was happening and the point of the story.  I love books that do that.  It seems like most stories you can figure out the end at halfway thru, however, this one keep me guessing till the end.

State of Wonder- I enjoyed this one too.  My mother-in-law (who works in the medical field) and I have often before gotten in the conversation of  "just because we can, should we?"  This story follows a medical researcher to the Amazon jungle in search of a missing fellow researcher.  During her journey thru the jungle, she too also starts to ask herself this same question and makes some startling realizations about herself and her chosen field.

Anyone reading anything good lately?


Meg A. said…
I found your blog through Nicole's (found hers through some adoption research) and had to tell you that I LOVE your book posts! I am an avid reader too but always struggle to find my next one. I always remember the titles you point out and have loved all the ones you've recommended. So as weird and random as this, from a total blog "stranger", thanks!! :) Happy reading!
Tristan said…
oregon country sounds sooo cool!!

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