My little horticulturist.

I'm sure I have already confessed, that I do not have a green thumb. 

Silly as it may sound, I really want to be into gardening but, I still haven't found I want it bad enough to get out there and actually put some plants in the ground.  I even walk around the gardening section every time we go into a home improvement store, however, I still haven't bit the bullet.  I've decided that it means maybe in a few years it will hit me strong enough to actually do something.  There's still hope. 

However, Olivia seems to have been born with a green thumb.

For the past two years, she's been really into plants, flowers, and getting in the garden.  It something that I can tell truly interests her.  Thankfully, she has a Nana that's got a green thumb and into gardening, so she has willingly stepped up to fill that void that her Mama cannot find the motivation yet to fill.

I mentioned to Nana a month or so ago that I wanted to do a unit on flowers and would she help me out with it.  Of course, she jumped at the chance.  On Wednesday morning, she loaded us up and took us to her favorite local nursery.

As we walked around, I found myself day dreaming about the possibilities.  As usual, I didn't buy anything and allowed my MIL give me recommendations like she has every year for the past five years.  Thankfully, she hasn't given up on me yet.

We walked around for a bit while Olivia ran to pick up every flower that caught her eye.  It wasn't a shocker that her favorites were any purple flower.  Purple is the color at the moment.

Nana explained how some flowers needed shade, while others needed sun.  We also reviewed over how plants needed water to grow and the parts of the plants.  We've been working on this flower unit from 2 Teaching Mommies this week (we took the plant observation worksheet with us to the nursery).

However, we were there for more than to just look at the pretty flowers.  Our mission was to find flowers that we could plant near her playground in flower bowls (aka...pots).

After a long search for ones that would work for what we needed and not just purple, we loaded up our cart and headed to the checkout.

After a quick trip for lunch and Sam's, we came home to plant her new flowers.

It's safe to say the girl was in heaven.  She never shys away from dirt. I love how proud she was of her "flower bowls."  Anyone who was on the street in our neighborhood was invited to come back to look at her flower bowls. 

I think I might have a horticulturalist on my hands.

For the locals: Wilson Brothers Nursery


Anonymous said…
Love it!
Amy K.
Tristan said…
how cute!!! our unit next week is flowers and we plan on doing this..wahhhhh why cant we live in the same!!!
Cunz Family said…
I am not a green thumb. I waited until my parents flew into town to have them help me do all my gardens, and I made sure our sprinkler system hit all the beds so I don't kill the flowers. they've been planted for a good month now and I'm proud to say I've keep them alive! Now if I can only get the darn armadillo to stop digging in the mulch I'd be set!

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