Like you didn't see this one coming...

I guess this is my obigorlaty after Easter post. 

I'm sorry to inform y'all that it's lacking in excitement.

As usual, I did not get many pics.  I hadn't slept the night before (or Friday night, but who's keeping track?) and add in that it was a long and busy day for us, I was not in picture mode at all during the day.  In fact, I was just kinda "there" all day.  So y'all are stuck with the one and only picture I did take, which has already been posted on social media.  My apologies. 

We started our Easter with early service at church.  I had to have us both up and out of the house by 8:30, which is a big deal for us, so we were to rushed before hand to snap a picture.  I made her stand with her stuff after church for the obligatory Easter morning pic.  At three she was already giving me that "you are crazy" look for making her do it.  This was the best smile I could get out of her.  

Church had a great service and music, which I guess is expected on Easter, right?  We headed home for a minute afterwards to finish off a few last minute lunch things and then headed to my Aunt and Uncle's to celebrate with my Dad's side.   

The funny moment of celebrating with my side of the family came when Olivia asked right before the prayer "who's birthday is it?"  We explained it was for Easter, but I think the fact we normally all get together to eat at birthdays, it had her a little confused.  When we pulled out the cakes for dessert, she was once again asking "who's birthday is it again?"  We went over the Easter story for the thousandth time by then.  

After lunch with my family, we headed back towards our way and stopped by David's parents to celebrate with his side of the family.  By the time Olivia and I made it, we had missed lunch and most of the festivities, but we did make it just in time for the Easter egg hunt.  I did not get a picture (because by this time of day I was just trying to hold my eyes open), but Olivia would pick up an egg, shake it, and if was empty, throw it back on the ground.  She was putting true meaning to the statement "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

We wrapped our Easter day by being home and all in bed by 8pm.  I crashed by 8:30 David says. 

I told you it was full of excitement.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!! : )


Tristan said…
oh my..your Easter sounds as crazy as mine! yet, we had to be outta the house by 6:15 AM!! AHHH. I think i may have died when my head hit the pillow!

She looks just so so sweet in her pretty dress!

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