No Apologies Needed

I was amazed that the comments started coming before we even knew the sex of the baby.

"I hope its a boy."

"It's a boy."

"Hopefully it's a boy so you guys can be done."

Not even five minutes after we found out that the baby was in fact a girl, one of the ladies in the doctors office actually apologized that it was a girl and not a boy.  Apologies even came from that PA that you all know by now I'm not a fan of. 

I quickly informed them both that no apologies were needed.

 We are truly ecstatic to add another baby girl to our family.  

Over the past two months, I've been apologized to more times than I care to count, that Amelia is a girl and not in fact a boy.  It's honestly started to bug me.

Why is that people feel that you have to have the boy/girl combo for a family to be complete?

I know that a lot of women long for one sex over the other, but I honestly have never found myself that way.  Not to sound like holier-than-thou, but I am honestly happy with whichever God sends our way.  My personal thoughts are that those that make such a big deal about wanting a certain sex are usually those who end up with the other. 

I think God has a sense of humor.

We honestly never thought we'd be pregnant again.  We were all shocked when we found out I was pregnant again.  I know it might be the cliche thing to say, but my only wish is that the baby is healthy.  Especially after all the scares we had in March.

I don't think one sex is any better than the other.  I think that both boys and girls have their joys and difficulties.  Each is just different.  I think you get what God wants you to have.

To be completely honest, there was a part of me that did want another baby girl.  I've always been vocal about how I wanted Olivia to have a sister.  However, I would not have shed any tears if Amelia was a boy.

Yes, she is in fact a girl.  It's been declared four times now by four different ultrasound techs, so I think it's safe to say she's 100% girl. Bring on more pink!

I just don't understand why people feel like your family isn't complete unless you have both.  Amelia hasn't even made her presence yet and I've already been asked if we are going to try for a little boy.  As of right now, we feel like our family is complete with two little girls and we're not  planning on having a third just to try for a little boy. Our feelings may change about a third down the road, but it will be because we want a third child, not because we want a little boy.  As of right now, we're happy with our two.

Yes, our lives won't be filled with baseball or football practices or super heros, but we're quite alright with princesses and tutus. 

Besides, we're having so much fun with the little ballerina that we already have, we're excited to add another.

So no apologies needed. 


The Edberg's said…
I am so happy for you, boy or girl, such a wonderful blessing!
Tristan said…
I personally was thrilled that you are having another little girl!!!
HOW FUN!!! was the only thing that crossed my mind!!!

people and those stupid they ask us alll the gonna try for a boy someday?
I'm like..our family just might be complete with GASP on little girl, get over it..LOL
Jennifer said…
It is interesting how people are like that. I almost felt like my mother-in-law was disappointed that we weren't having a girl. It was like people's enthusiasm died down when they found out we were having another boy. I kind of was hoping for a girl, but when I saw the boy news, I was SO excited. I think I'm just meant to have boys - it felt right you know?

Either way, I'm thrilled that you are pregnant too. I remember you posting a while back about your struggles with getting pregnant and I love that you get to add another precious girl into your family. Olivia will have a blast with a sister!

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