Yeah, I'm that cheap....

Last week when my mom was here on baby duty, one of her jobs was taking and picking OK up from school. The morning of the surgery happened to be a day when OK had school, so being the type A that I am, I had already set out something for me to throw on her the next day before school.

That evening when I had somewhat emerged from my post anesthetia fog, my mom told me that she thinks OK had picture day at school that day. It immediately hit me that she did in fact have Easter pictures that day, but in my anxiousness over the surgery, I had totally forgot.

Not that I had planned on actually buying the pictures, I just wished I would have sent her in something a little nicer or at least "Spring" appropriate. I'm sure when she got out in the carpool line, a few were shaking their heads and thinking "mom forgot picture day."

Yesterday afternoon, I go to pick her up and she is overly excited about something and trying to tell me all about it. We're kinda at that point were she's trying to talk in more complex sentences and its getting kinda hard to understand her at times. Well, this was one of those times. I couldn't understand a word she was saying.

I get her buckled up and we start off towards home and whatever she's excited about is in her folder. She rips through her bookbag for her folder, pulls out a piece of paper, and then proceeds to tell me how "livia is on this paper." This is hilarious to her. She talks about it the entire ten minute ride home.

It takes me a minute to figure out what she's actually looking at, but when I do, I started thinking that maybe I would buy just one because evidently these pictures are the funniest thing Girlfriend has ever seen.

But then we got home and I saw the price list.....

Say what?!?!?

So I look at the a la' cart prices, but notice the fine print....


So, instead, I did what every cheap mom would do.

I cut out the proofs and handed them to her.
Now she can laugh at "livia" all she wants and I didn't have to pay a dime.


Anonymous said…
HA! This is funny to me because I AM THAT CHEAP MOM, TOO!!! My in-laws have always thought I was terrible because I did not want to pay those prices yearly...for two kids...but, I do not! My mom however, will purchase her own. Works just fine for me :)
Amy King
Anonymous said…
I could be wrong, but don't you usually have to return the proofs along with the envelop even if you aren't ordering? At our school we get charged if the proofs aren't returned, otherwise no one would ever buy the pictures.
Kameron said…
I hate school pictures! I actually bought some of Nate's this year because they were hilarious! Sadly, I forgot to even give them to the grandparents and now they are still in the envelope in the drawer. Oops. Serves me right.

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