Embracing the Blue.

Two years ago when we moved in our home, the first room we painted was the kitchen. We origianlly went with a chocolate brown because I love the color and thought the kitchen was big enough to pull it off. After a entire night spent painting, we both agreed we hated it and it immediately had to be repainted.

The second time around, we went on the complete opposite end and went with Rain from Sherwin Williams.

At first I liked it. It was bright and one of my promises to myself when we moved in was that I was going to decorate more brightly.

After a few months, I decided I didn't like it and wanted to repaint. I've been talking about repainting it for over a year now. David however said that I had to do it by myself because he refuses to repaint a room three times in less than two years.

Ironically, its the one paint color we get the most complements on.

So this weekend when I was about to make a decision on what color I wanted this time, I stopped myself.

I'm embracing the blue instead.

Instead of throwing the money into another paint color, I'm going to save up for curtains and accessories to match (though we could throw money in for a back splash, honey!).

I've decided I like the bright.

It makes me happy.

I remember that sometime during our first year of living here, a guest once made the comment that my whole house was going to be blue.

Maybe that comment was what made me suddenly want to paint over the blue?

Today though, I'm thinking so what?

I like the blue.

And I may even paint our bedroom blue too!


I have to share that within the last 14 days, I've had four teeth removed, gotten pink eye in both eyes, been bitten by a spider, and my head has exploded from the pollen (at least it feels like it has).

I may or may not have had a meltdown Saturday night before bed about how I was falling apart and I hadn't even reached 30 yet.

I mean seriously, isn't all that kinda ridiculous?


Tristan said…
omg..feel better,,sheesh!!!!

i totally love the blue!!!
Kameron said…
I like it! I might steal the color for some re-painting in our house!

That sucks on all of the afflictions! I have had to start taking my zyrtec again. It is great because it doesn't have any crappy side effects. :)

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