Strawberry Season

You all know by now that I am no gardener and I do not keep up with the growing seasons and that such stuff. I know some of you are shaking your heads, but its just not my thing. 

So, my bestie Nicole has taken it upon herself to inform me of when its time to go pick something healthy for my child to eat.  She just looks at me and says "its time for strawberries, can you do Monday?" That's how we roll.  I have decided that I like the actual picking part, just not the planting and taking care of part.

She informed me last week it was already time to go pick strawberries, so we loaded up and head out to pick yesterday.

Dave happened to be off for the day and joined us.  


The best part of the trip... 

I may have gotten a little carried away with picking and lets just say 10lbs. of strawberries are quick to pick, but forever to cut up.

For you locals:


The Popes said…
Love the pictures!

Get ready, peaches are next!
The llama is SOOOO cute!!

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