Hello Spring.

Almost a week after my little surgery, I'm starting to feel more back to normal. On Friday, I ate something I could actually chew for the first time since Monday. I have been working my way up to more. I go back tomorrow for my post-op check up, so fingers crossed for a good report.

However, I still haven't had a Chick-fil-a sandwich yet. Your jaw natural kinda locks itself up to heal and they said it could last up to a few weeks after the surgery, so though I'm no longer in pain (and not on pain meds), I can still barely open my mouth to eat. I'm waiting till I can full enjoy it.


These are the newest obsessions in our house.

Can you guess what their names are?

The hair color should be switched if that helps any.

She even puts them in my purse to carry around when we leave the house.
Though I really don't need more junk to care in my purse, I still think its sweet.


We have seemed to skip right over spring and head straight into summer. I've already heard lots of complaining about how hot its going to be in a few months and I have to be honest, I'm not that concerned about it. I know I'm an anomaly, but I like it hot. I think my cousin KP is one of the few who never complains about the heat like me. We're the only ones with facebook statues saying "8o degrees...heck, yeah!"

We went to Old Navy this weekend and stocked up on a summer essential.

I cannot tell you how excited OK is to wear "real" flip flops. She wanted so bad to wear ones with no straps last summer, but they didn't make them in her size. She even stole a well-worn-way-too-big pair from Josie at the end of the summer and refused to take them off for a few weeks.

I decided to not waste money on a bunch of fancy cute sandals this summer, so I bought one pair for special occasions and we're sticking with $2 flip flops for everyday wear.

She hasn't taken them off since I brought them home.

I decided it was safe to go ahead and clear out the boots from the shoe basket.

The only boots to remain are rain boots.


My Mother-in-law will be proud of me. I actually grew something.

She gave everyone in bookclub a blub last year. I planted it but did not expect much because I have a tendency to kill anything green, I was surprised when I actually sprouted and bloomed a couple of weeks ago.

It makes me want to plant more.


There have been a couple of hiccups in our big 30 vacation plans. We're in the process of trying to figure out what we're going to do. Either way, I'm determined to celebrate my 30th in the sun somewhere, preferably by a ocean or by a pool in the middle of the ocean.

I feel like I'm kinda running dry on blogging material lately, so after studying my blog stats the other day (and wondering if I really do have on average 80 hits a day), I decided to be brave and throw this out there....

Any questions you want answered?

If you have something you've been curious about, leave a comment, shoot me an email, or contact me through facebook. Heck, you can even remain anonymous if you would like. I'm a pretty open book about our lives, so there isn't much I probably won't answer. However, if its plain out rude or something Dave and I have agreed I cannot talk about on here, then I won't answer.

So, the floor is yours now......for a moment.


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