First Day: March

Nicole has been trying to get me to join her in doing a First Day post for some time now. I have repeatedly told her I would do it, only to forget it was the first day of the month until Nicole would pull out her camera at somewhere random like the grocery store.....oops, I forgot again.

She finally decided to take a leap and make First Day a link up post, so I couldn't fail her this go round.

So here is what an average day looks like at our house...

And I spent the remainder of the evening painting our bedroom.

This made me realize that we do a lot in one day. I even spared you guys from pics of me cleaning the bathrooms.

It was so much fun, I even woke up this morning thinking about snapping pics.

Now its your turn to link up!
Show us what your day looks like.


The Popes said…
Love it!!! I can't believe how much you do before 9 when Olivia goes to school! Yikes!
Amy said…
I so want to do the James study, love the yellow purse, jealous of your cute self in your glasses, and so sad I had to miss out on the picnic
Kameron said…
It was fun to do the post, I can't wait for next month when the first day falls on a weekend so my post isn't so boring!

How is Olivia doing in her big girl bed? I want to swicth Arielle but I am afraid she will be a pain and get up over and over!
kimmer said…
Oh wow..I so love the pics of little Olivia in the big shoes!!! So sweet!! I was wondering which purse you bought and was happy to see you added a photo of the yellow on later! Super cute! What a busy day you had! Thanks for sharing!

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