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Our internet and cable went out for a good 36 hours starting yesterday.  I called this morning to find out what the deal was and they informed me it would not likely be back on until Friday when they could send someone out to look at it. Unless they figure out if it's an outage, then they'll just turn it back on.....seriously, that's what the guy told me. I asked how long it takes to figure out if it's an outage, considering it had been out for over 24hrs, and I got no answer.

I had little doubt it would be back on anytime soon, but surprisingly, it magically turned back on about an hour ago.

I can live without cable, I however start having issues when the Internet is down.

I'm sure David was saying a little prayer of thanks that he wasn't home this morning and only had to listen to my rant over text message.


Last night, Olivia and I got the special treat of attending Disney On Ice with Nicole and Josie. It was my first time taking OK to anything like that and I'd say she did pretty good. She was memorized, but it was too loud for her, so she sat with her ears covered the entire time. She only had one antsy moment, but evidently the child was dying from thirst. Once I bought her a pricy drink, she was still again for the last hour.


Olivia's favorite part was Minnie Mouse. My personal favorite was The Little Mermaid scene.

I had several people say to me "get lots of pictures!" and I ended up not getting hardly any because we got stuck in traffic and ended up being rushed for dinner and getting in the show.  Y'all know that just completely threw me off for the rest of the night. It always seems like that happens when people tell me to take pics.  Nic took lots of pics and I'm sure will be posting them soon.

We've held out on taking her to any kind of event like this because I knew she wouldn't be able to sit through, after last night, I told Dave I'm excited to take her to more of those types of events.  We'll definitely be hitting up the circus next year when it comes back to town. 

My running has been sketchy these past few weeks.  Due to all the issues I've had lately, I've run off and on, but nothing consistent.  The few times I have ran, it was torture.  This morning I got back on the track and had the first good run I've had since the beginning of the month.

It felt good to be back out there.

We finished the Beth Moore James bible study yesterday.  I was sad for it to end.  I swear that every week it was like she was talking straight to me.  Lots of stuff she talked about was stuff I've been struggling with lately. 

Yesterday, she talked about boundaries we need to set with people in our lives.  It was something I've been struggling with for some time now and felt like I was getting mixed advice from different directions.  For some reason, the way the way she explained it clicked with me and it was exactly what I needed to hear.

If you ever get the chance to do the James study, jump on it. 


Have I mentioned how crazy I am for this kid lately???


Tristan said…
disney on ice?!?!?! jealous!! anything like that for us is atleast a couple hours away :( i wanted to take her to sesame st. live..she would flip..ha!

and is OK in love with barbie too?!
kimmer said…
I love the photo of her sitting there watching the show! She is darling! I love that the little girls are at the age where they enjoy stuff like this! You girls are such great moms!!!

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