I'm working on the Disney post, but I need a moment to take care of something. Due to all the events that have occured over the last few weeks, I kinda skipped over a major event.

A little over a week ago, this little girl turned 2!

Please excuse me while my heart breaks for a moment.

Where did the time go??? It's hard to believe she's two already, but at the same time, I cannot remember life without her.

This little girl is my heart and soul.

My bestie Nicole wrote a post the other day about her daughter Josie's Gotcha Day titled You Made Me Mom. As I sat there reading it, tears came to my eyes for several reasons, some for my friend and my love for her & Josie and knowing just how much that day changed their lives, but others were because I knew exactly what she was saying...."who was I before this little girl came into my arms?"

So much of who I am today is because of this little girl.

Whoever comes into our lives in the future, Olivia Kate will always have that special place in my heart....she's the one who made me a mom and no one else could ever take that title away from her. Every mom can admit, there is just something special about that one that officially made you a mom.

I wish you all in blog world could see Olivia's true spunky spirit. She really is own unique spirit. Yes, it sometimes drives me a little crazy, but I know without a doubt because of that spunky spirit, she's destined for great things.

Happy Birthday (a little late) Baby Girl and I love you more than you'll ever know!


Tristan said…
I can SEE the've always felt like i could just get her little bit of craziness spunk!

She is adorable..and precious..and perfect all in the same.

and HOLY COW!!! i can't believe 2 already!!!!!
Kameron said…
Happy birthday to OK!! It feels like we were both just pregnant, but here our girls are,growing up before our eyes!!

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