The post that I've been avoiding.

It's been a rough past week.

Mistakes were made and it was realized that we could not keep Destiny forever. She has been moved with another family.

It's been heartbreaking and hard. I've been in tears for four days straight.

I don't and won't go into details, so please respect us on this. All that needs to be known, is that she is no longer with us and actually with a family who can be even better for her than we could be. We've been in contact with her new foster family through a mutual friend and she is doing very well and adjusting well once again.

Hearing from her new home and how she's doing, has finally gave me some peace and after a few days to think it all over and in prayer, I feel in my heart, it was the best for everyone.

All I ask is that no one assumes, judges, or blames.

All I ask for is prayer.

Prayer for us and our hearts to be mended.

Prayer for our families.

Mostly, prayers for Destiny.

Thank you for all your kind words and prayers over the last two weeks.


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