To Disney and Back.

We've spent the last week in the happiest place on earth...okay, the happiest place on Earth for anyone under the age of 12. Anyone over the age of 26, it really just causes nervous break downs from the crowds....or maybe that's just me??? Seriously, am I the only one who has ever cried "I need air!" while standing outside? I figured such.

Olivia's Nana and Pawpaw (i.e. David's Parents) have had a trip to Disney World planned since the moment we told them we were expecting. So, the trip had been in the works for some time.

Not counting the last 24 hours, the trip was a success.

It was the first time we've stayed at an actual Disney Resort and I have to say, I was making plans to stay forever. Those Disney people are awesome at making you feel special for sure. Up until Friday evening, I was singing my "I don't wanna go home from vacation" song, which by the way has only been sung once before when we went on our cruise a few years back. Then it started pouring down rain and I was stuck in a 200 sq. foot camper with a two year old who made sure I didn't forget my name every 60 seconds.

Lets just say that my home has never looked as large as it did when we walked into the front door earlier this evening.

I'll post more details from the trip, but here's a few highlights from our trip to tide you over....

*I lost a $500 camera.

*Getting stuck on of all rides "It's a Small World" for a whopping 30 minutes. Don't worry, the actual soundtrack didn't break, just the boats we were riding on. If you want to know what purgatory is like, I have a sneaky feeling it's very similar to our Small World experience....thirty straight minutes of the most annoying song ever being sung by scary talking dolls, a small baby crying in the seat behind you, and a teenager threatening to jump out of the boat in the seat in front of you....closest thing to hell we will ever get to.

*Olivia's sudden burst into a ten minute interpretive dance during the American History Show at Epcot, which caused four adults to laugh so hard they were crying during the bombing of Pearl Harbor and getting nasty looks from the Europeans behind them. Europeans evidently do not find a two year old's interpretive dance funny.

*David wreaking a RENTED golf cart and totally bending the frame making it no longer drivable and guess who has to pay for it to be fixed? do you run a golf cart that doesn't exceed 15mph into a rock three feet off the cart path??? I can say for once, I'm totally okay with him flirting with the teenage cart rental allowed us to afford our mortgage this month.

Let's just say between my losing a camera and his wrecking the golf cart...we're even.

I'll post the pictures I do have, but I was not the crazy photo mom that is expected out of all blogger moms. Due to the fact that I may or may not have misplaced my expensive camera at Animal Kingdom the first day, which may or may not have caused a frantic 30 minute search by everyone in our party and me getting sick to my stomach due to the possibility of losing such camera. Thankfully, it was found, but I was banned from taking my camera into the parks the rest of the trip and had to rely on the old point and shoot. That right there is the reason my husband refuses to buy me nice things.

Or the reason he doesn't own a golf cart.

However, we were able to snap a Christmas card photo despite the camera mishap.

If only we had crazy matching shirts on, we would totally make the Awkward Family Photos site.

Here's hoping to a night without small dolls singing and dancing in my dreams!


Tristan said…
i have to laugh..because only you,this would happen too!

i'm waiting on happy pictures and good!!

and i would be dying laughing over olivias dancing!
Elizabeth said…
LOl. I love this picture!! :)

So you did find the camera??

So glad y'all made it home safe!

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