Disney Parks: Also known as the places I scream for air

We decided to stay at just Disney Parks because honestly, we didn't feel like getting in our car to drive to another park. True Story. It was so much easier to just hop on the bus.

We made it to Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, and Epcot.

Like I said earlier, I didn't get too many pictures. As the week went on, I took less and less. In fact, by the time we made it to Epcot on the last day, I only took two pictures.

The question I've been asked the most is "how did Olivia do?" and to answer honestly, she did okay. We decided that since she was so young, we would only go to the park for a few hours a day. I know some people are total troopers and feel you don't get your moneys worth unless your there from sun up to sun down, but there was no way we could do that and have a happy two year old.

The first day we got there, we went around 10am and stayed till around 2pm. We noticed a ton of other people leaving at that time, so we decided to go after Olivia's afternoon naps the other two days. I wish I could say it was any better, but honestly in my opinion, there is no better time to go. Those parks are packed ALL THE TIME!!!

We were told by several Disney Employees that this is one of their "slow times" during the year and honestly, we didn't wait longer than 30 minutes for any ride we rode. In fact, they had the fast pass kiosk turned off majority of the week at all the parks. It just still seemed like there were a ton of people there.

I evidently am one who gets claustrophobic in crowds and I may or may not have had an episode in Epcot screaming for air while I was standing outside. I kept pushing through the crowds and yelled at David "I cannot breathe!!!" Yes, there was truly that many people there. I've decided that either the world is filled with a lot more homeschoolers than we thought or people believe Disney World is much more important than school.

And don't even get me on the rented scooters. Evidently, people have decided that they can no longer walk when they get to Disney World. I don't want to offend anyone, but I feel that if you don't need one of those things to get around in your everyday life, then you don't need one to get around Disney World. Those things were EVERYWHERE and being drove by people that you could very well tell were more than capable of walking. It was just hard to walk around already with the millions of strollers there and then add the thousands of RENTED scooters. It was just annoying.

I would easily say that Olivia's favorite park was Animal Kingdom. She loved the safari ride and all the live animals. She honestly wasn't a big fan of most of the rides. She was scared on anything that it was her and one other person. She felt more comfortable on anything that all four of us could ride with her. We rode about every boat ride that was available in those three parks. It even was the joke by the end of the week to immediately look for the boat rides when we walked into a park.

We pretty much stuck with stuff that we thought wouldn't scare her. Stuff that said "Snow Whites Scary Adventure" we stayed off from. Also, pretty much almost every character ride had a thunder storm in it and that usually freaked her out, which is funny because they don't scare her at home.

Believe it or not, her favorite ride of all was The Carasal of Progress. She sat memorized by it the entire twenty minutes. She even stood up and clapped at the end. The fact that that was her favorite ride goes to show she's our kid for sure.

As far as characters, the only one she wanted anything to do with was the girl kitty from The Aristocats. She flipped when she saw her, only because the child loves cats, not because she had a clue who she was. We stood in line to see her and of course, the moment we got up there, she freaked. The Kitty was very sweet with her and got her laughing. She walked away blowing the kitty kisses, so all was well. However, she wanted nothing to do with any of the other ones.

I feel like I should say that she did have a good time overall, Olivia is just the type of kid that gets easily overwhelmed by people and crowds, so I think a lot of her reservedness the whole week was due to that. No clue where she gets that problem from! : )

Yes, we're already planning a trip to go back in about three years. I do realize that she will enjoy it more then. She would have been just as content to stay at the campground the entire week and to honest, the rest of us probably could have too. Overall though, we had a great time and I'm glad Nana & PawPaw invited us to come along.


Tristan said…
yay for pics!

hahaha..your trip makes me laugh..a person that doesn't like crowds goes to disney!
omg..and people must just get lazy..good grief, maybe they should make people show their handicap sticker to get one!!

glad ya'll had a good time!
Kameron said…
I want to take the kids to Disney but am fighting the urge until they are older. My anxiety would drive me insane at that place with a toddler and 4 yo. I need to wait until neither of them need a leash!

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