Two Painted Pumpkins

Continuing with the fall events this week, we also decorated pumpkins for the first time since Olivia was born.

Yes, I told you we were Halloween party poopers! : )

I picked up a couple of pumpkins a couple of weeks ago and had plans to go the traditional route and carve them, but after seeing everyone in the blog world painting their pumpkins, I jumped on the bandwagon. I was excited for painting them since A. Olivia loves painting and B. it meant I didn't get stuck with the not fun part of cleaning out the pumpkin guts.

Don't fret though....Amy came through and invited Olivia to actually carve a pumpkin. But for the record, we had three kids working on her pumpkin and guess who ended up doing most of the momma's! Point made! : )

I would have loved for them to turn out as pretty as Megs, but I decided to be on the safe side and stick with our washable paints. Which, I'm glad I did since Olivia managed to get paint everywhere.

I know this one is blurry, but I love that face!

Halfway through, Olivia got into the water I was using to clean off my brush and her pumpkin ended up turning into one big grey blob, but she had fun and was so proud of it.

Hopefully next year I'll pick a day that's not freezing, so we can paint outside. Maybe then I'll get brave and use the acrylic paints? : )


The Popes said…
LOVE THEM! I want to paint ours next year too.

Those will last a looooonnngg time too. Our carved one got moldy within a week or so. Already had to trash it.
Tristan said…
washable paint..sounds good!!

we used GLITTER.
what was i thinking..LOL.

she is so cute and looked like she had a blast!

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