Since we last talked....

Sorry, the calls have started rolling in the last few days. My dad even suggested, "if you have nothing to write about, could you just at least post some pictures?" Uhhh...yes, sir.

So, let's just be honest, I'm never going to be a career blogger. Yes, at one time I might have had those dreams, but I've decided that's not why I want to blog. I realize its just a hobby for me that happens to keep our family informed of what we've been up to. So, when the mood strikes, I write. Lately, it just hasn't been striking.

But, we have been up to lots of stuff around here.

After months of debating it, I finally broke down and got Olivia's first hair cut Friday. Yes, I debated for months. It has really just started growing the past 7 months, but it was starting to look pretty scraggly on the ends and it was driving me crazy. I was afraid if I cut it, it would just look like she did a few months she had no hair. A few people even agreed that weren't sure if they'd cut it and a few others egged me on saying it would help it start growing a little faster. So, I finally got brave and went for it.

This is from a few days before the cut....

And after the big cut....

She kept refusing to keep her head still, so that's why she's not looking at the camera.

But she would oblige if she was wearing my headband...

I'm in love with her little bob and so glad I finally got brave enough to go for it. I didn't have the lady cut her bangs, because we're going to work on growing them off. I love the way it looks when she lets me pin them back.

Oh and I did take my camera with me prepared to get pics of her first cut, but she refused to sit in the chair and only in my lap. There were only two other stylist at the time in the salon, but they were busy with other customers, so no pics of the actual cut. I did get the traditional few strands to keep.

I can get over how much older it makes her look.

In fact, since she hit two a few weeks ago, she has seemed to grown up overnight. She putting more words together for sentences, she finally started figuring out colors, letters, numbers, etc. Plus, she's suddenly become a total love bug. David and I both cannot get over how cuddly she is all the sudden. She has NEVER been a cuddling baby. We're hoping that's a stage that sticks around for a while.

However, one stage we're not a fan of is the tantrums and the fact she's decided she's ready to give up naps. This afternoon, I asked her if she was ready to go lay down (for the record, I ask her, but her opinion really doesn't count at the moment....I'm just being nice) and she immediately responded with her usual no. I told her "Well, your going to have to go lay down baby." Her response "I'm not a baby!" But the fact she passed out less than thirty minutes later assures me that regardless of how big she thinks, we're not quite ready to phase out the naps.

Especially if mommy wants to keep her sanity.

Another first this weekend was her first trip to the pumpkin patch, but I'll post more about that trip tomorrow!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! : )


Tristan said…
she looks so cute!!!!

i agree with your dad..bahahaha...atleast some pics!
kimmer said…
I think her haircut is adorable on her! It was fun to see all of you at the pumpkin patch...what a great weather weekend in Georgia! Take care!
Kameron said…
I love the haircut! I saw your newest post first and was going to ask, but it has been answered! Isn't it amazing how quickly they pick up things once they get on a roll? Arielle will never give up the title of baby. I tell her she's my big girl and she says, "NO, my baby!!!".

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