Well hello beautiful!

There are several things we did this week that I keep meaning to blog about and post pictures from, but as much as I wish I could blame my blogging fall behind on laying around coughing up a lung, I instead can only blame it on this new little lady in my life...

She's the most wonderful little thing.

She's sturdy, she's heavy, and she sews!!!

After I posted about my craft day frustrations with the sewing machine, it hit me that I did indeed know someone who had a sewing machine that they did not use very often. I called my MIL asap and asked if she would mind loaning me hers until I decided what to do with my own. In usual fashion, my she had it to me the next night and I've been sewing ever since.

For the record, it's amazing what a difference the right sewing machine can make. If anyone has ever sat down to sew with me, they would tell you, I worked on my sewing machine more than I ever actually sewed. It took me about ten minutes to figure out how to work the bobbin since it was different than my original machine, but we've been creating some fabric goodness ever since. In less than twelve hours, we've manged to pump out the rest of that dress, an outfit for Matalie, and a shirt. There are a few finishing touches for each of the projects, but I'm still pretty proud of what I've been able to accomplish with the new machine.

I can now say I enjoy sewing.

Oh and apparently I gave birth to a little monkey.

Yes, she did this entirely on her own.

She pulls the chairs out and makes herself at home.

Plus, she thinks its hilarious.

All I can say is Pray for me!


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