This,That, and a fairydog update

It's Monday....

I've decided that regardless if you work in or outside the home, Mondays still are no fun.

Today has been one of those Mondays. The best way to sum it up is that David and I just fought over who gets to cook dinner and who gets to watch over OK. I won that fight. OK has seemed to be off the chain the past few days. I keep telling myself that she's still getting her teeth and to blame it on her molars (the top two are coming in), but I'll be honest, the whining is getting old. Please Lord, can we be done with the molars soon.

Our weekend was a good one. We had a bunch of exciting plans, but in a way, they all were a bust in one way or another, but we had a great time regardless. It started with our date night Friday night. We had planned on attending what we thought was a haunted play put on by our local theater group, but it turned out just to be a haunted house that the local theater group was in. We decided to skip on that since us, nor the Pope's, are haunted house people. There's just something about people in scary costumes jumping out at me that doesn't settle well. The night however, was not a total bust since we ate at a local restaurant several people had recommended and it was fantastic. We ate at Angelo's in downtown Griffin if any locals are interested. I don't have one complaint about it. The food was plenty and delicious.

Our Saturday plans also turned into a bust. That afternoon we headed downtown for the market hatch craft fair. It was a tiny craft fair and they had a bunch of cute stuff, but honestly, it was nothing that we couldn't have made ourselves, so we headed out empty handed and with no new ideas. We returned for the Griffin Grub festival after the guys got off work, but they only had about four local restaurants as vendors and only one of those where giving away free samples. We love our little town of Griffin, but evidently they need some lessons on how to host a "taste of..." festival. We instead ended up at one of our favorite pizza places down the street.

We had the great idea to stick the kids all on one side of the table.

We learned however they are not quiet ready for that yet.

And Olivia has to have the highchair with the seat-belt.

And Matalie and Josie cannot sit next to each other.

And this one, like always, was on his best behavior.

Sunday after church, we headed out to celebrate our little friend Cash's 3rd birthday at the Scarecrow Party at the UGA Gardens. I didn't get any photos because I was too busy trying to keep OK happy. She was tired, hot, and not impressed with the activities. Though the older one's had a blast, Olivia was still a little too young for the fun. Hopefully in a year or two, she'll be more into it. We hung around a little while, but then said our goodbye's and headed home. I however was very impressed with the gardens and would highly recommend them.

David started his last vacation of the year today. Since it's his ten day vacation, we're taking bets on who gets sick of each other first. HA! We started his vacation with taking OK to school and then catching a movie. That is now one of our favorite things to do to pass the time while she's at school. We always catch the first showing, so it's only $5 and no one is there. We went to see Secretariat and really enjoyed it. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to watch a happy ending, feel good movie.

Finally, an update on the fairydog!!!!

Thanks for all the suggestions on what our fairydog could possibly be. One person actually got it right (closet blog reader Amy~she sent her fairydog suggestion over fb). Over the weekend, we did a little more research and we're pretty sure we've figured out what it is. Nicole stumbled across a picture of a squirrel fox on Saturday and asked me if I thought it could possibly be one of those. I told her honestly, I couldn't remember. I think we had spent the last few days staring at so many different animals, I think they all started to jumble together. Monday afternoon, she sent me a text pic of our actual fairydog. Yes, she jumped out of her car and chased it down to get a picture. I honestly laughed out loud when I pictured her running across that field after this thing. After a little more comparison of pictures, I'm pretty sure it's some type of squirrel fox.

So unfortunately, we didn't discover a new species, but evidently there is a tribe of them! Nicole reported she actually saw two of them today, but they were smaller than the one we saw originally, so we think there is at least one more. The one we both saw is about the size of a Jack Russell terrier. Maybe it's some type of squirrel fox on steroids? Either way, all the websites I've read said that they are rare and I read somewhere that their mostly seen in Florida. So, it doesn't look like we'll be getting our names in an encyclopedia any time soon.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!


The Popes said…
Your picture collages are seriously the highlight of my day!

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