Just another Manic Monday

Okay, not really. But it was Monday when Amy and I had an impromptu craft day, so that was the only catchy title I could come up with.

Monday morning I got a text from Amy and the conversation went a something like this...

amy: what are you up to today?

me: sitting on my large butt. You?

amy: You do have a large butt and I keep meaning to tell you that your tummy does look like your about 17 weeks pregnant like that lady at the store said (totally different post right there). You want to get the girls together today? Maybe we can get some crafting done?

me: bring it on sister!

Okay, 90% of that text conversation did not occur. Amy did not tell me I had a large butt. Promise.

So, we spent the day crafting. I will have to state for the record, it somehow turned into one of the most productive craft days we've had in awhile.

I worked on a dress that I cut out two months ago and had yet to sew together.

We spent the day pulling little hands away that wanted to help.

These two spent the day telling each other hilarious jokes that crack each other up evidently.

Look at that determination on my face. Maybe that's just my sewing face?

I'm sure you figured it out by now, my child is a nudist.

Amy decided she also wanted some tp art to hang on her walls.

And she worked on a few bows. Obviously for Matalie, because we all know Olivia refuses to wear clothes, let alone bows.

Or maybe the bows are really for herself?

I was so proud of myself because I actually finished a dress for Olivia. I had just a few finishing touches and was planning on her wearing it to church this Sunday. Today I went to finish the last TWO stitches I need to sew on the machine and my machine has started acting up again. My mom and I are really starting to think it's the machine. So, if anyone close by has a machine I could borrow or buy, I would greatly appreciate it. I just need something until I figure out what to do with mine. I've looked up how much mine originally cost and I've asked around, right now it looks like it might be better to just buy a new one for what it would cost to take to have it fixed. For right now, it looks like my dress will remain unfinished for awhile.

: (


Anonymous said…
2 months to make that dress.. hope that sweet baby didn't grow any :o) Love the fabric though!
Anonymous said…
2 months to make that dress.. hope that sweet baby didn't grow any :o) Love the fabric though!
Amber said…
Thanks! The fabric came from hobby lobby, but I bought it in the spring, so don't know if they still have it. Don't worry, it was a pillow case dress that I purposely cut short because I want her to wear it as a shirt. She should get a little wear out of it still.
The Popes said…
So apparently Josie is the culprit of all uncraftiness. Boo.

And Amy's hair is REALLY short!
Kameron said…
I love when I get some crafting done. I can't do it when children are awake though so I end up sewing at night. Can't wait to see the finished dress!
Tristan said…
wow..that is an adorable dress..looove it!!

bummer that your machine is going crazy :(

way too crafty! wish you lived near..haha!

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