Our Weekend.

I took no pictures over the weekend.

Okay, that's a tiny lie. I did take some pictures, but they are for another post. However, I did not take any pictures for a "weekend in pictures" post.

But....if you would like to see what we did this weekend, you can head over to Nicole's blog because we pretty much spent our entire weekend with the Pope's and Benefields.

Shocker, right?

(I promise that's chocolate and not poop)

Friday morning, we did head out for Olivia's 12 month checkup. She is still healthy and they had no concerns for anything. She's now a whopping 32" tall and weighing in at 21.6 lbs. That keeps her in the 98% still for height. She also got her vaccinations and I was a little scared because I had heard the 12 month shots are a little rough. In true Olivia style, she didn't seem phased by them. You would however think that I would be use to the vaccinations now, but I cried (again) when the nurse gave them to her. Having to hold down your child and watch their face when they get them is torture for a mother. I doubt I'll ever get use to it.

Saturday was a special day because we got to celebrate three years of this little lady coming into our lives.

(Nicole wrote a post on the special day here. Get your tissues ready before you read it.)

Three years ago on October 2nd, Josie came home. Nicole and Andrew invited everyone over to celebrate with ice cream cake. The weather was perfect and we spent the afternoon sitting on the back porch enjoying the breeze and the conversation. We ended the evening with eating on the patio at our favorite local Mexican restaurant. Short funny story...when I walked into the restaurant and informed the host we had "7 and we needed 3 high chairs" without missing a beat she said "outside." It worked out well and amazingly we had dinner with no major melt downs.

Today, Olivia and I went to church with the Pope's and Benefields. When we got home, Olivia crashed and took a 2 1/2 hour nap, which was a blessing in itself. I told David that if she would do that every Sunday, sign me up for membership now! After dinner I headed to the grocery store BY MYSELF!!! Even though it was crowded, it was nice to be able to take my time and not have to worry about my child eating the bread through the plastic wrapping for once. It's the little things nowadays.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! : )


Tristan said…
omg..i somewhat think shots are always harder on the mommas! I couldn't even sleep the night before T-A's first shots..it was quite ridiculous!

Her Gotcha day...tear..she's such a precious little girl!
Kameron said…
What, you don't let Oliva eat poop?? lol you are too funny. I would hope that no one would think that! What a nice weekend! I have decided I will cry when Nate gives up his nap. It is my only solitude on the weekend!

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