Playing catch up-Our Weekend

Raise your hand if you feel like poo!

Me! Me! Me (My hand is raised if you cannot tell)!

Olivia and I have both got some kind of cold/sinus thing going on. I would say it was a cold, but my head feels like it's about to explode, so it leads me to believe it's sinus related. Thankfully, I live with a doctor and he tells me that it could be a cold that has settled into my sinus passages hence causing the feeling of my head to explode. Who knew I've been living with a medical doctor all these years? sucks and we now have two whinny babies running around. I would be included in that group. I'm hoping we can both see some relieve soon. It came on fast, so I'm hoping that means its out of here fast.

This past Saturday I got the chance to be my mom's date to a wedding out near Lake Oconee. The daughter of one of my mom's GA best friends got married. It was fun because I hadn't seen anyone from that group for almost ten years and the last time I saw the bride, in my eyes, she was still a young girl. She was a gorgeous bride and has grown up to be a wonderful person and a much accomplished softball player. We spent the evening having a great time catching up with old friends. The place she got married was beautiful. I sent David a text just before the wedding and told him to "start saving up your money daddy!" I didn't cry during the ceremony, but I did sit there and think that we'll be going through this with our baby girl in the future. Yes, we have a while, but it still hard to not think about it.

Sunday when I got back into town, we met up with my dad's family to celebrate his 50th birthday again (which by the way, thanks for the birthday wishes for my dad)! We headed out to our favorite local Mexican place and completely filled up on cheese dip and nachos before we even got our food. Why is it that we always do that? I swear next time I'm going in and only ordering cheese dip.

Unfortunately, I waited a little too late to order his birthday gift and it will not be here till next week, but hey, it extends the birthday fun. Right? I'm really excited about it and I hope he loves it. I'm honestly a little jealous and want one for myself (Now your really wondering what it is Dad?). So that was our weekend in a nutshell. Oh and David worked.

Sorry for the little pictures. I honestly am not feeling up to resizing and uploading at the moment. Plus, they were all taken on my point-and-shoot, so I'll leave them in the straight from the camera look.


Tristan said…
ugh..get to feeling better!

pretty wedding..we seriously have already started a wedding her penelope pig bank!
Kameron said…
I hate it when me and the kids are sick. It's not like we get a break! Feel better!

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