Turns out, I'm not the only crazy one...

Technically, I'm not sure who's story this is to tell...

I saw it first and took the time to make a detailed picture description, so it could be mine.

But, it occurred near Nicole's homestead, so she could count it as her's.

Either way, I have nothing to blog about, so I'm going for it.

The story actually begins a little over a month ago, I was leaving Nicole's one afternoon and talking to David on the phone. I was giving him one of those "hey, we're on our way home so get your girlfriend out of the house calls." Just kidding....but I was calling him to say we'll be home soon. When I went to turn onto the road they live off of, a giant animal that I had never seen before ran out in front of my car. All I could say was "OMG...I just saw the craziest thing. I swear I just saw a meek rat but it had a huge tail." David informed me that meek rats do not live in Georgia and that it was probably a huge squirrel.

But, I knew what I had just saw and have never in my 28 years in Georgia have ever seen any animal like it. I kept swearing up and down to David that it was some kind of meekrat, he just said I was crazy. After that evening, it was dropped and I started thinking that maybe I actually was crazy and seeing things, so I didn't say anything to Nicole about it. Every time since though, when leaving Nicole's, I've looked to see if I saw this crazy animal again. No such luck.

Fast forward to this past Wednesday. Nicole, Amy, and I are standing in line at church to pick up the kids from nursery and Nicole starts to tell us a story. She begins with something like "I saw the craziest animal..." I immediately got excited and started describing it to her. She is standing there in shock that I knew what she was talking about. We then proceeded to jump up and down because we were so excited that we had both seen the same thing and I'm sure we succeeded in scaring the other parents in line behind us. Apparently, Andrew chalked her up as crazy too!

Andrew and her did a little research on the internet, but couldn't find anything that remotely looked like it. Andrew did however deem it a "fairydog." So when a friend mentioned we had just seen a fox or something, I decided to make a picture description of what we saw. Which goes to show my life has hit an all new low now that I'm busy googling "small mammals" on a Thursday night. Oh, how Thursday nights have changed since the college days!

I sent it to Nicole on Facebook and she agreed that it was the exact same thing she had seen.

(images via google images)

We're now even more determined to find out what this darn thing is. I'm pretty sure we've stumbled upon some type of hybrid animal or something and we at least deserve our names in an encyclopedia.

I'm more happy to know I'm not losing my mind or at least I'm not alone on losing it!


The Popes said…
Anonymous said…
All I have to say is I'm highly upset that y'all aren't sharing whatever you're smoking.
Just saying
Ashley said…
Haha! I don't think this was intended to be funny but it totally made me laugh.
Tristan said…
omg..that is crazy..lol!
Paige said…
haha that is crazzzy!
Kameron said…
I hope you figure it out!I just did a little googling myself and came upon a website that had a full species list for Georgia and this is the thing that looks most like you are saying. Mustela frenata aka Long-tailed Weasel. Check it out and see if that's what it is! :o)

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